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  • DennisV94's avatar
    We could really use a second wave of MLIU releases. C'mon Jeremy, I know you are reading this. Make it happen because this boring 'watered down bubblegum crap' has reached it's limits and we need REAL house music.
    • jancito303's avatar
      I wonder if the name of the label was inspired by Black Ice's track on the Dance Traxx EP.
      • Clank's avatar
        What happened to this label? They stopped releasing new stuff?
        • fistondub's avatar
          Edited 2 years ago
          I remember playing with Jeremie long long time ago in a small café in Paris around 2009 with qpchan & him, as unknown ones before explosion..
          Glad he became now who he is, totally involved professionally into it to travel all over the world to spread his selection and production of garage sounds..
          • Lynchyboi's avatar
            Absolutely phenomenal label 10/10. Does anyone know if all of these releases are vinyl-only?
            • Bourbonman's avatar
              Edited 10 years ago
              Real house is coming back, and i don´t mind at all. True Jersey vibes was the real deal that had so many amazing producers, Blaze, Todd the God in his prime, BOP, 95 North and so forth. Heck, even Masters At Work is back in the studio working together again. I take this as a sign.
              But i hope we won´t see to much recycling of Strictly Rhythm material etc like some years before. I hope we see some more producers like Izmo and Jeremy bringing it back in small scale. While Inner Sunset was a label that started to attach the strings again, this label are pullin´it harder.
              Bring it back to true listeners. I fucking miss this stuff in the clubs.
              • llennnn16's avatar
                French take on the NYNJ Garage House sound of the early 90's. Truly a 'Resurrxion' as Nathaniel X put it, as there are no other labels that im aware of at the moment that are making this type of sound with the same vibe.

                I want to point out that i think the major appeal to this label is that 7 releases in, and they still keep the sound fresh, yet they're not changing the formula. What we're getting here is not a hybrid of classic garage with today's tech house or deep house, as countless other labels are doing (look around Beatport and Traxsouce, they're all over), but unfiltered, unadulterated Classic Garage House, just that, or as Jeremy Underground says, Hardcore Deep House.