Heathmans Mastering


London based CD & vinyl mastering studio, established on 28 April 2000 by Ronald Garrity having previously been Tape To Tape.
Defunct since December 2008.

Short list of its vinyl mastering engineers:
Shane McEnhill aka Sh@ne
Chris Alexander - Usually signs his laquer cuts with "Chris A".
Jack Adams (2) / 'Jacko'
Dennis Smith (2)
Beau Thomas
Dick Beetham (until June 2000)
Pete Norman

CD mastering engineers included:
Gus Shaw
Kevin Grainger
Shawn Joseph
Dennis Smith (2)
Rob Thomas (4)
Dave Turner
Cass Irvine

Studio Manager for the vinyl mastering was Natasha Bicknell, found on many runouts as "NATS".
Studio Manager for the CD mastering and duplication was Susana Martinez; who is now studio manager at Ten Eight Seven Mastering.

Name variations:
- Heathmans Mastering
- Heathmans
- Heathmans Mastering Ltd.
- Heathmans Studios

Contact Info:

19 Heathmans Road
London, SW6 4TJ

Tel: +44 020 7371 0978
Fax: +44 020 7371 9360 , MySpace


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