Bunker Records LoveBass

June 1, 2017
If you want to hear the label heads views on race and making up backstories for artists check out the podcast Code Switch. Episode: Give it up for DJ Blackface.

Bunker Records TrackDaniels

July 13, 2011
is there no BUNKER 008 & 009 existing?

Bunker Records privatear

October 15, 2013
Bunker 008 was a VHS tape and Bunker 009 was a cassette + comic

Bunker Records spatterik

May 26, 2012
9 and 11 are books that came with a cassette, 8 I am not so sure about, I will ask Guy tonight.

Bunker Records Grand-Imperialist

December 20, 2011
BUNKER 008 Video
BUNKER 009 Unit Moebius / Imp Electronics For Defense (Cassette+Comic)

Bunker Records as reviewed by dsyn2spin

April 28, 2011
Probably the single most prolific label
to release the best music from the dark electro,acid, underground scene of
Den Hague. Almost all of their releases
contain at least some interesting material and many are so good that they
still sound great even after hundreds of plays. complete brilliance from the intro groove on the first side to the extro groove on the flip. I used to buy everything I could find on Bunker in my local shops, however they have taken up the practice of only pressing ultra limited quantities
(i.e.-100/200)on colored vinyl. This means that they don't ever make it into the shops anymore. Sure, I can order them online from Godspill but add the cost of international shipping
to an already overpriced record and what it amounts to for me is having to pay $45-$60 for one of their current releases. All I can say is fuck that shit! I am to poor to afford
myself $50 records. "Bunker Records-exclusive label of the rich man who likes undergrounds music"!

Bunker Records Milchgesicht

November 5, 2016
A lot of repress happening in the recent years too. You gotta be attentive mate.

Bunker Records RoTaX104e20

February 23, 2015
Get over it, man... I moved in NL for that : good cheap parties playing underground shit that I like.

Bunker Records alzheiner

January 29, 2013
You might try there shop on Bandcamp, is not vinyl, but it is cheap:

Bunker Records as reviewed by genet

April 5, 2004
Labels such as Bunker and Viewlexx far from being 'new jacks' in the 'electro revival', never <i>stopped</i> making electro. I-F (Ferenc) and the growing number of artists around his scene in The Hague absorbed Cybotron, Planet Patrol, Pretty Tony, Adonis, Steve Poindexter etc., etc. and refashioned it in an entirely distinctive way, even during a period when electro had become the laughing stock of dance music enthusiasts. And what elevates the Bunker stuff above its lesser imitators is that none of the artists take themselves too seriously. There's a great sense of humor in the artwork, project names, track names, and their website. But, they make <i>ripping</i> electro<b>funk</b> tracks.