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A collaboration between Jazzanova Records and Compost Records. Both, Jazzanova and head of Compost, Michael Reinboth, have similar musical roots and are especially interested in new forms of Jazz, mostly with a club context. Therefore the label was founded in winter 1998 to release jazzy tunes. In 'JCR' two sides combined their competencies in making and distributing music: Jazzanova's knowledge as DJ's, their feel for good music and relations to other musicians as well as Compost's experiences in selling records to a wider audience than Jazzanova Records.

Jazzanova as the label's headliners released their first long player "In Between" in 2002 and approximately ten other records on JCR. Other important artists, who released on 'JCR' are Koop (Koop's album "Waltz For Koop" was the biggest success in the label's history.), Victor Davies and The Underwolves.

In 2003, after 45 releases, JCR came to a conclusion as Jazzanova chose to concentrate on their 'Sonar Kollektiv' label.

Labelcode: LC 01661

Also seen on releases as:
Jazzanova-Compost-Records (JCR)

Contact Info:

Haager Str. 9
81671 München

Fax: +49 89 651 148 02
E-Mail: [email protected]

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