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EMI's brand of blank lacquer master disc, please enter as 'Made By' in lccn.
Made under licence from Pyral, France. Pyral invented the lacquer master disc to replace wax master discs and licensed their formula to EMI in the UK and to Audio Devices, Inc in the USA who made the "audiodisc" brand.

"Emidisc" blank discs were sold to disc cutting studios around the world, as was their "Emitape" blank reel-to-reel tapes. The blank discs were available in various sizes for use as master discs for the production of records and in 7" and 12" sizes for direct cut discs that could be taken home and played on a regular turntable. These so-called "acetate" discs (which contain no acetate) are cut one by one on a disc cutting lathe. They are not pressed.

E.M.I. Tape Limited · Hayes · Middlesex · England, and used by E.M.I. Sales & Service Ltd.

The EMIDISC imprint (Trademark first registered 26th Feb 1946) was relaunched in 1970 as a budget record label. ( Emidisc (2))
EMIDISC was also the name of one of EMI Australia's disc mastering and cutting studios, namely the DMM facility located at the factory.

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