Double Standard Records Iudifisk

March 15, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
I understand the need for a label's catalog to be available digitally, but if you start a "vinyl only" label, you shouldn't turn around two years later and put every release on beatport...

Double Standard Records pauldweil

June 25, 2015
I believe you call that a 'double standard.'

Double Standard Records Angel_Colinz

April 19, 2013
when it's all about cash & they all sell well, why not repress? why not create a new label for vinyl/digital releases?

really disappointed from that sneaky move!

Double Standard Records mateuszblum

February 14, 2013
Even worse... Track by Tanner Ross that appeard on his ep on DS is available for free right now :D

Double Standard Records Iudifisk

March 19, 2012
Like I said, I understand... we all gotta get that bread somehow...
But if you say you are going to commit to a medium, you'd better darn well commit to it. I'd understand if future releases were digital & vinyl, but re-releasing past records that were sold under the premise of being limited to vinyl is kind of disheartening (and a little bit dishonest).

Double Standard Records Caley

March 16, 2012
"Even though vinyl sales are going up, an increasing number of DJs are joining from the digital side and are left out of these releases. I’ve come to believe that more people need to have access to these tracks - for instance the whole Wolf+Lamb crew has been playing the shit out of Double Hill‘s EPs, and I think it’s time for more people to be able to play them. The label has always sold out of as many copies as I printed, but at this point I’d really like the Double Standard artists to be able to tour and make a living off making and playing music, and the best chance of reaching that goal is releasing in both mediums."

to quote Gadi...