re:discovery records

re:discovery records

Electronic label focused on the various sounds of underground chill out music.
The goal of the label is to share favorite lesser known music. Ones that we
feel are timeless and ones we want to share with a new generation. Also some
unreleased music from this time as well. The secondary goal is to help bring
back the chill out rooms where eclectic DJ's thrived with music like this.
Chill out rooms not restricted by any constant BPM or any pressure to
mix perfectly. A freeform style of DJing where a DJ could express his collection
in the fullest and the atmosphere was warm, relaxing, futuristic and welcoming.
- Where all styles of music could be played under the 'chill out' umbrella.

motto: *Dare to Dream*

secondary motto - 'you don't know where it's going unless you know where it came from' .
Is to encourage people to research and understand the history of electronic music more.

The Color Series artwork signifies the series of releases that are compilations with tracks
chosen by the label owner in conjunction with the artist. It will have the re:discovery covers.

The other re:discovery records are reissues or unreleased music presented to the label as
originally done, updated or edited with artwork desired by the artist. Sometimes for their
first vinyl appearances.

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re:discovery records
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
rd001 Big Rooms  album cover Deep Space Network Big Rooms (Album) rd001 US 2020 Sell This Version
rd002 Mysteries Of Science  album cover Mysteries Of Science Mysteries Of Science (Comp) rd002 US 2020 Sell This Version
rd003 Hyaline - Extended  album cover Human Mesh Dance Hyaline - Extended (EP) rd003 US 2021 Sell This Version
rd004 Synaesthetic  album cover A Positive Life Synaesthetic (Album) rd004 US 2021 Sell This Version
rd005 Early Works 1992 - 1994  album cover Adham Shaikh Early Works 1992 - 1994 (Comp) rd005 US 2021 Sell This Version
rd007 Reconnect 1994-2008  album cover Unit 21 (2) Reconnect 1994-2008(CD, Comp, Ltd, Num) re:discovery records rd007 US 2021 Sell This Version
rd008 Excepts from 1995 - 2000  album cover Ambient7 Excepts from 1995 - 2000(12", Comp, TP) re:discovery records, The Color Series rd008 US 2022 Sell This Version
rd009 Excerpts from 1993 - 1995  album cover Facil, Prototype 909 Facil, Prototype 909 - Excerpts from 1993 - 1995(12", Comp, TP) re:discovery records, The Color Series rd009 US 2022 Sell This Version
rd011 Introspection Parts 1 - 3 (1994 - 2022)  album cover Stryke Introspection Parts 1 - 3 (1994 - 2022)(12", EP, TP) re:discovery records, The Color Series rd011 US 2022 Sell This Version

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December 8, 2021
Such a great label, thank you Tim for all of your hard work here! So glad to see Re:Discovery and a few other labels finally reissuing the classics (and the less known gems) all these years later. If you are interested in 90's ambient electronica, techno/idm, etc. you should be checking all of this label's output but also Music From Memory for their excellent Virtual Dreams and MLO compilations. Don't forget to check both of Kenny Larkin's reissues (Azimuth and Metaphor) which were also reissued this year. Finally, the master of ambient electronica (Pete Namlook / FAX) just had his excellent AIR album reissued on vinyl, this has been out of print since 1994, don't miss!!


August 3, 2021
Great start with this label. Very cool sound/"driving home after a warehouse show in the winter" vibes to me.


March 24, 2021
Carefully curated 90's ambient that is put out by this new East Coast label, quality artwork and sound and top notch customer service.
The attention to detail is noteworthy and I love the fact that the stuff that is put out is not obvious. Even if you are a 90's electronic music you will be surprised.
Buy on sight.


November 26, 2020
edited 11 months ago
Hello everyone. Thanks for your interest in my label. Please contact me if you need help finding copies closer to where you live. My bandcamp page also is available. Please dont feed the sharks and keep the underground alive!