Panzar Produktionz

Panzar Produktionz

Panzar Produktionz, works as a collective homebase for a number of talented artists & djs to produce and release their work, its also the home of the mastering studio InYourPhaze Mastering.

Progressive, raw, positive and straight to the point, that's what the sound should be. This has become the goal of the Panzar family already from an early starting point on.

Altogether, Panzar Produktionz involves their members to produce music, offers mastering and technical skills to craft the sound to its biting perfection and, finally, release their material.

Dj sets, live acts and visual as well as verbal promotion round off the repertoire.

Seeking progressive trance that is full of emotions, attitude and power, Panzar Produktionz is the place to go.

Founder & Manager of Panzar Produktionz is Liam Dorff [InYourPhaze], Sweden.
Together with Danté [Poet] they set out to make a change…

Panzar Produktionz is a close group of friends sharing the same vision and spirit.
Together with members of Panzar family they play, produce, promote and release the thing they love the most, Progressive Trance.
Contact Info:
Founder & Manager:
Liam Dorff
[email protected]

Liam Dorff
[email protected]


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
EKTLP11 Way Over Deadline  album cover Etnoscope Way Over Deadline (Album) EKTLP11 Sweden 2010 Sell This Version
none Behind The Shadow  album cover Mantra Flow Behind The Shadow (Album) none Sweden 2011
none Out Phazed  album cover InYourPhaze Out Phazed none Sweden 2011
none The Tipping Point  album cover Various The Tipping Point (Comp) none Sweden 2012
none Tank Moovez Vol II  album cover Various Tank Moovez Vol II (Comp) none Sweden 2013
none Säurebad  album cover Drollkoppz Säurebad (EP) none Sweden 2012
none Te Quierro  album cover Darko Dominko Te Quierro(LP, Comp) Panzar Produktionz none Sweden 2010 Sell This Version
none Tank Moovez Vol I  album cover Various Tank Moovez Vol I(10xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Panzar Produktionz none Sweden 2011
PP001 Progressive Bunker  album cover Various Progressive Bunker (Comp) PP001 Sweden 2010
PP002 Tank Fuel Vol.I  album cover Various Tank Fuel Vol.I (Comp) PP002 Sweden 2010
PP003 Tank Fuel Vol.II  album cover Various Tank Fuel Vol.II (Comp) PP003 Sweden 2011
PP004 Tank Fuel Vol. III  album cover Various Tank Fuel Vol. III (Comp) PP004 Sweden 2011
PPEP02 Land Of Lysergic  album cover Mantra Flow Land Of Lysergic (EP) PPEP02 Germany 2009
PPEP03 Wazte Of Zpace  album cover InYourPhaze Wazte Of Zpace (EP) PPEP03 Sweden 2010
PPEP04 Nullpunkt  album cover Patara Nullpunkt (EP) PPEP04 Sweden 2010
PPEP05 Mindsoundtechnology  album cover Elegy (7) Mindsoundtechnology (EP) PPEP05 Sweden 2011
PPEP06 First Contact EP  album cover Moment (3) First Contact EP (EP) PPEP06 Sweden 2011
PPEP07 Cant Be Stopped  album cover Pusherstreet Cant Be Stopped (EP) PPEP07 Sweden 2011
PPEP08 Sleeping Giant  album cover Elegy (7) Sleeping Giant (EP) PPEP08 Sweden 2011
PPEP09 The 5th Chakra  album cover Vishudda The 5th Chakra (EP) PPEP09 Sweden 2011
PPEP10 Floordecor  album cover Drollkoppz Floordecor (EP) PPEP10 Germany 2012