Multi-faceted brand that usually appears on releases as label (one of the logos pictured here), as distributor or publisher.

The Sony label is most common in South America (countries like Colombia) and Asia (South Korea, Indonesia and Japan) but may appear on releases from other countries as well. It should not be confused with Sony Music or other logos with the "Walking Eye" such as Columbia or Sony Records Int'l.

The Sony name is also credited as distributor. This is, for example, common in the UK (alongside 3MV) and Germany (on Edel releases). Many releases mention "Sony Music" as distributor though. For those releases Sony Music should be credited.

The use of the "Sony" name as label or distributor was most common in the 1990s.

When a release mentions "Sony / ATV" (or any variant thereof) as music publisher, please do not use this entry. Sony is not a separate entity in that case. The music publisher is called "Sony / ATV' and has many variations and branches. Please use the name mentioned on the release.

Parent Label:Sony Corporation
Sublabels:Brillantes (2), Disco Fever (2), EconoCD, Esto Es Cuba. Antología De La Música Cubana, Hecho En Cuba. Antología De La Música Cubana, Ill Will Records, Not On Label (NSEW Morse Self-released), Possession Records, Relish Records, Ritmo-Teca Sony, ...


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