Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs


New York based mastering studios opened 1973. Closed April 2008. Seen in mastering credits commonly as "F/W"
Also appears as :
- Frankford Wayne Labs
- Frankford/Wayne Studios
- Frankford Wayne N.Y.C.
- Frankfurt/Wayne, New York
- Frankford/Wayne Mastering Studios , NYC
- Frankford Wayne Mastering Lab
- Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, Inc.
- Frankford Wayne Mastering Lab, NYC
- Frankford Wayne, N.Y., N.Y.

Tom Steele started Frankford/Wayne's mastering operations in 1966. First as part of the Philadelphia recording institution Sigma Sound Studios and then later setting up Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs in Philadelphia. In 1973 they also set up shop in New York City. Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, Inc. was incorporated on May 13th, 1974. CD and vinyl mastering continued until the facility closed in 2008.

Some of the mastering engineers that have worked at Frankford/Wayne include:
Al Brown (5), (signature: ab or ⍺ʙ),
Carlton Batts [1984-1993] (signature: CSB or C.B.),
Chris Gehringer (signature: C.G., cg, cg☮),
Dominick Romeo (signature: DR),
Don Grossinger (signature: D.G., DG, G, G.D.),
Duncan Stanbury (signature: DS),
Greg Vaughn, chief technical engineer (signature: GV, G.S.V.),
Herb Powers Jr. (signature: :^), HP and many other variations),
Jeff Ader (signature: JA),
Joe Gastwirt (signature: JG),
John Nagy
José Rodriguez (signature: JR),
Michael Sarsfield, senior engineer (signature: JMS, M.J.S., MJS, MS or MSJ),
Rick Essig (signature: RCE, R.C.E., RE),
Stuart J. Romaine (signature: SJR, Stu),
Tom Coyne (signature: ¢, C, CT, TC)
Tom Steele (signature: TSS).

Vinyl records mastered at Frankford/Wayne in New York, if not printed on the labels or sleeve, can be recognized by a mastering stamp in the runout grooves. The mastering stamp usually takes the form of MASTERING BY FRANKFORD/WAYNE NEW YORK, or the initials F/W followed by an apple symbol (FW/NYC Ѽ or F/W Ѽ). This apple was sometimes loosely etched and can look like "C5" or other characters – look at the images for some examples. Later releases only have F/W; most are often followed by the engineers signature or initials.

Contact Info:

Since 1997:
Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, Inc.
130 West 42nd Street, Ste. #1000
New York, NY 10036
Phone: +1 212 302-8300
Fax: +1 212 764-3466

1974 - 1997
1697 Broadway
New York, N. Y. 10019
Phone: +1 212 582-5473


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