Spanish vinyl-only reissue label, established in 2009.
Devoted to Spanish-produced releases from the 1960s to the 1980s, Vinilísssimo covers a vast range of genres, from beat and garage to psychedelia, progressive rock, soul, funk, flamenco rock, punk and hard rock, featuring some of the most relevant and popular artists of the time as well as obscure acts that are still influential on Spanish music to this day.
All reissues are pressed on 180 g vinyl and feature the original artwork. New liner notes in English and Spanish are provided by some of Spain’s most respected music experts.

Parent Label:Munster Records
Contact Info:

Munster Records (Distrolux SL)
Espoz y Mina 17, 2º dcha
28012 Madrid
phone +34 91 531 36 09
fax +34 91 522 28 57
[email protected]


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