Next Plateau Records Inc.


Early 80s to early 90s New York disco, freestyle, house and hip-hop label, established and run by Eddie O'Loughlin. Label Code: LC 21478

Next Plateau Entertainment (formerly known as Next Plateau Records) is an American record label, which currently operates in association with Universal Records, under the Universal Republic Records Group. Formed in 1984 as an independent label, its initial focus was on the emerging New York Latino dance and hip hop music scene. As the 1980s evolved, the company earned substantial funds for a fully independent label, thanks heavily in part to the success of Salt N Pepa, its biggest-selling act to date. As the early 1990s emerged, Next Plateau began having its records distributed by PolyGram. In 1992, PolyGram bought Next Plateau, and shifted it to operate in conjunction with its FFRR and London Records labels. After PolyGram was merged into Universal Music Group in 1998, Next Plateau became allied with Universal Records.

Parent Label:Republic Records
Sublabels:Let's Go Records, Savoir Faire Records
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Next Plateau Records, Inc.
1650 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
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