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Grabaciones de Impacto is a little independent label based in A Coruña, Spain. We believe in supporting international artists and building a real relationship with you & your art.

From its humble beginnings in early 2010 Grabaciones de Impacto family hold personal and professional relationships with some of the world’s most iconoclastic new artists and musical minds.

Our mission is release, distribute and promote each record. The idea of our label is release Vinyl records exclusively (12", 10" or 7"), with DELUXE ended , and unsurpassable presentation.

Each release must be something special, limited,..... something which do it a FUTURE RECORD COLLECTOR JEWELL! (it can have a special cover (embossing, trifold, extra thick, hand made,...), special insert (poster, lyrics,...) or additional stuff (bonus tracks, download card,....), but ever like if your record could be the last perfect thing in the world!!!

Bringing the work and product of the world’s most iconoclastic artists to vast a European audience via an ever-diversifying palette of channels, their distribution, licensing, product management, marketing, promotions, merchandise and rights management services is our Job.

We are a big friendly family, so Would you like to be with us?

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[email protected] , MySpace , Bandcamp


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