MP3.com ewwendt

June 7, 2018
I still have the first 3 volumes of the CDs I got sent in the mail advertising artists (and having their full tracks), features, movies at the time, etc.; I wonder if they hold any value today.

MP3.com donterase

October 22, 2018
ewwendt I have been looking everywhere for a song by a guy named hum, humdinger, or the like. it was on one of those cds and I don't think I ever copied the file. If you find the song(s) by him I would love to buy the disc from you or a copy. One of the songs goes like "ever try to count the raindrops, falling from the sky? Somethings are impossible, unless you know the reasons why, somethings are impossible unless you try" I believe it was just the singer and an acoustic guitar.

MP3.com as reviewed by mr.glmc

March 7, 2017
Have to echo what's previously been said about MP3.com, it was a great site and such a shame all the data, wonderful music, recording artists illustrations for their ads, album art etc. have all been lost. Would be great to see something similar to the IUMA archive done for classic MP3.com. I used to run the Killafornia Raps radio station and MP3.com was a platform for getting to know a lot of independant artists and played a big part in springboarding many fans into the huge underground local and regional scenes. A DAM cd is a rare gem, and remember, artists did also sell their own cds via MP3.com! I remember Playa-J - The Money shot (Bay area rap - Psychward label) being one I bought, among others - which was not a DAM cd just a homemade inkjet label cdr release in a clamshell case with sticker art on it. My memory is bad, it may have been from cdstreet (there's another online indie music ghost of the past!).

MP3.com mr.glmc

March 7, 2017
The Radio station was a feature of MP3.com too - just for reference! Fans could create radio stations on MP3.com - link the artists pages / songs they wanted from artists' pages and make them accessable on MP3. Pretty much a playlist but you could get MP3.com front page exposure if you ranked highly on visitors. :-)

MP3.com SurgeCess

October 1, 2016
I used to upload my instrumentals on this website years ago. I also bought a couple of artists releases from here as well. I remember receiving an $80 check for the amount of advertising revenue my page generated, it was pretty cool.

MP3.com as reviewed by fabriknos

September 14, 2008
Like many other aspiring bedroom electronic music producers, I got my start at this site. At the time I joined (1999) it was easily the biggest and most active free music site in the world. I met many friends through this site including now-popular techno producers, industry contacts, and the former moderator of the Electronic Music Forum, Evan Bartholomew (better known as Bluetech). It was probably the most fun I ever had online - uploading new tracks and receiving feedback, starting online projects, interacting with thousands of producers, listening to music all day, making CDs, and of course trolling the forums. At one point they called me and one of my collaborators, Edgemere, "Two of mp3 dot com's most dedicated artists". Oh, those were the days. A shame it had to end on such a sour note with the shitty Payola scheme, forum turmoil, terrible management and the obvious plan to sell out for a couple of bucks. Fuck you Michael Robertson!

MP3.com as reviewed by dani72

June 26, 2007
edited over 3 years ago
Back in the day mp3.com was an interesting site where many people uploaded music in a variety of styles for anyone to download freely. The funny thing about the site was that a lot of the artists (particularly in the electronic genre) never released anything commercially or anywhere else for that matter. When the site changed its format a lot of the artists disappeared, never to be heard from again. There were some more well known artists with tracks on the site though. Aruba, Rick Preston & Jay-J (house), Scuba aka King Britt (downtempo), Simon V (Drum & Bass), Carbon Based Lifeforms and James Johnson (Ambient) all appeared on the site. It’s a pity that the site changed the way it did as there was definitely some good music on there that has now been lost forever.

MP3.com fabriknos

January 24, 2018
Also: The Echoing Green, Andreas Tilliander, Bluetech, Voco Derman, Blackbelt Andersen, Christian Bloch... quite a few standout artists called mp3.com home at one time.