The Fontana label was launched by Philips Phonografische Industrie (PPI) in 1956 in France as a variety label; the logo change occurred in 1957. It was later launched in the UK in 1958; initially it was used to market recordings licensed from Epic outside of the US, later it expanded to other US labels.
In September 1964, PPI's US affiliate, Mercury Record Corporation, introduced the label in the US for international recordings, although it eventually became a mainstream pop label.
In 2013, Fontana's independent circuit was sold off to INgrooves, leaving Fontana Records separate.

Label Code: LC 0211

The 7 digits numerical catalogue numbers were introduced in April 1970. Any item with such a number is after that date.

Printing dates on French EPs of the late 50s/60s appear as "MY" or "MMY" (e.g. "81" = August 1961 ; "118" = November 1958).

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
Sublabels:"Punch" Jazz Series, 2 Sprookjes, 45T Super Danse, A Era De Ouro, All Time Fontana Hits, Après Minuit, Attention!, Ballet Series (2), Ballet-Serien, Beliebte Klänge Grosser Meister, ... , , X , Tumblr ,


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