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Actions over talk, Joe Left Hand Records is a productive and consistent action based reality ... we make and distribute music on a regular basis
some talk about what they gonna do we do it ...

a label dedicated to the tradition of my late Uncle Joe Lovelace, a man of many hats and like my father always says "you a left hand Scorpio just like your uncle Joe". A driven man of multiple talents (salesmen, baker, lover, collector) including a soul musician in his later years in Toledo, Ohio. The Musician part I didn't learn about until the time of his passing. My dedication to Joe is to always represent a person who worked regardless of notoriety and fame on his craft.

Joe Left Hand is a partner label to Nephew of Frank Records (started by my uncle Frank and I after the passing of his son and my cousin Shon, we are the motivation and the soul of all inspiration to do what you love regardless of the consequences).

Parent Label:Nephew Of Frank Records
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