D.Max Recordings axenon2

November 24, 2017
Am I the only one who think their release cover style is very boring ?

D.Max Recordings as reviewed by alexdenisov

February 3, 2015
At least 50% of this label's releases are quite good. IMO, some of them are MUST HAVE.

D.Max Recordings bonzai20133

March 12, 2016
artist sign to this label, when their tracks is rejected by other label, cause this label sign everything!!!

i prefer smaller label with only good stuff,,, than a label with tons of scrap, with only a few good remixes sometime..

D.Max Recordings bonzai20133

January 22, 2015
very bad low quality trance label.... to avoid

D.Max Recordings alexdenisov

February 3, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
I don't agree with you. There is some Good shots. And there are a lot of them.

Just for Example:
Rymania - Sooshiant (MilamDo Banging Remix)
ASKII - Infinito (Johan Ekman Remix)
Sunset - La Luna (Dave Cold Remix)
Bryan Summerville - Deeply Thoughts (Allan McLuchlan Remix)
Kaimo K - Walkabout (MilamDo pres. Harmonic Rush Remix)
Brad Ashtar - Azure (Matt Skyer Remix)
Curtis Young - Tequila Sunrise (Andy Duguid Remix)
Curtis Young - Activation (Reaky Remix)
Peter Feel - 1987 (Kaimo K Remix)
Yustin Viviane - Star On The Sky
Timo Pralle - When We Were Young (Ultimate Remix)
Overseas - Liberty Island (Sandeagle Remix)
Simon O'Shine - Dream About You
Euphoric Feel - Truffle (Robbie Seed Remix)
Ico - Restless (New World Remix)
Euphoric Feel - Ratatouille (Illitheas Remix)
Overseas - Lot Of Nothing (The Noble Six Remix)
Etasonic - Part Of Me
Ascania - Fundamental Questions (Kaimo K Remix)
Filip Marak & N-Rico - Psycho (Matt Skyer Ressurection Remix)
James Kitcher & Glynn Alan - Eastern Pulse (Robbie van Doe Remix)
Smokers Area & Guerrero feat. Cory Friesenhan - Unfold Scenes (Manuel Rocca Remix)
Sunset Heat vs Joe Cormack - Nobody But Her
Curtis Young - Last Resort (Fady & Mina Remix)
Mark L - Black Mamba (Matt Skyer Remix)
Unbeat - Martyrdom (Matt Skyer Remix)

And This year's:
DEI - Silver Tears (Hiroki Nagamine Remix)
Philip Mayer Pres. The Cracken - Black Spider ‎(Matt Skyer Remix)

I think there's more to come.