D.Max Recordings

D.Max Recordings

Electronic music label based in Cologne, Germany. Founded by owner / manager Bryan Summerville, (Lars Thiem) in 2010
Contact Info:
Demos - demos@dmax-recordings.de (Trance / Uplifting Trance)
Demos - deep@dmax-recordings.de (Deep / Progressive)
General - bryan@dmax-recordings.de


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
UPONLY003 Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes - Volume 1  album cover Ori Uplift Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes - Volume 1(23xFile, MP3, Comp, 320 + 2xFile, MP3, Mixed, 320) Abora Recordings UPONLY003 US 2014
MUR0011 Desolation  album cover Matt Skyer Desolation(3xFile, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR0011 Germany 2016
MUR0010 Evolution  album cover Carlos Martz & Aly Sa Carlos Martz & Aly Sa - Evolution(3xFile, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR0010 Germany 2016
MUR009 Demonstration  album cover Curtis Young (3) & DJ Xquizit Curtis Young (3) & DJ Xquizit - Demonstration(File, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR009 Germany 2016
MUR008 Big Bang Attack  album cover Carlos Martz Big Bang Attack(File, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR008 Germany 2016
MUR007 Bitch Slap  album cover Craigo Bitch Slap(File, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR007 Germany 2015
MUR006 Kiai  album cover Dreamy (2) Kiai MUR006 Germany 2015
MUR005 Starpickers / Battlefields  album cover Dany Dazano Starpickers / Battlefields(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR005 Germany 2015
MUR004 Basillisk  album cover Matt Skyer Basillisk(File, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR004 Germany 2014
MUR003 Angry Gods  album cover Changes (9) Angry Gods(2xFile, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR003 Germany 2014
MUR002 Shades  album cover Almar Shades(2xFile, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR002 Germany 2014
MUR001 Aftermath  album cover Curtis Young (3) Aftermath(File, MP3, 320) Mixed UP Recordings MUR001 Germany 2014
MONDIG026 Reset (James Poulton Remix)  album cover Rene Dale Reset (James Poulton Remix) MONDIG026 UK 2012
DMAXS005 D.Max Recordings Summer Sampler 2015  album cover Various D.Max Recordings Summer Sampler 2015(7xFile, MP3, Smplr, 320) D.Max Recordings DMAXS005 Germany 2015
DMAXS004 DMax Winter Sampler 2014  album cover Various DMax Winter Sampler 2014(10xFile, MP3, Smplr, 320) D.Max Recordings, D.Max Recordings DMAXS004 Germany 2014
DMAXS003 DMax Summer Sampler 2014  album cover Various DMax Summer Sampler 2014(5xFile, MP3, Smplr, 320) D.Max Recordings, D.Max Recordings DMAXS003 Germany 2014
DMAXS002 D.Max Summer Sampler 2013  album cover Various D.Max Summer Sampler 2013(19xFile, MP3, Smplr, 320) D.Max Recordings, D.Max Recordings DMAXS002 Germany 2013
DMAXS001 D.Max Recordings Summer Sampler 2012  album cover Various D.Max Recordings Summer Sampler 2012(5xFile, MP3, Smplr, 320) D.Max Recordings DMAXS001 Germany 2012
DMAXR002 Stairway To Heaven - 2015 - Remixed  album cover Sky Sound Stairway To Heaven - 2015 - Remixed(4xFile, MP3, 320) D.Max Recordings DMAXR002 Germany 2015
DMAXR001 Empty Nights  album cover Ocean Boulevard Empty Nights(3xFile, MP3, 320) D.Max Recordings, D.Max Recordings DMAXR001 Germany 2013
DMAXM002 Mexican Collection Remixed Vol. 1  album cover Various Mexican Collection Remixed Vol. 1 (Comp) DMAXM002 Germany 2018
DMAXM001 Mexican Collection Vol. 3  album cover Various Mexican Collection Vol. 3(13xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) D.Max Recordings DMAXM001 Germany 2017
DMAXDR045 Blue Realm EP  album cover Numedian Blue Realm EP (EP) DMAXDR045 Germany 2018
DMAXDR044 Hall Of Faces (The Remixes)  album cover Blashear Hall Of Faces (The Remixes) DMAXDR044 Germany 2018
DMAXDR043 The Joker  album cover Edward Rohm The Joker DMAXDR043 Germany 2018
DMAXDR042 Shangri-La (Aztek Remix)  album cover Numedian Shangri-La (Aztek Remix) DMAXDR042 Germany 2018
DMAXDR041 Hypnotics  album cover DJ Hold Hypnotics(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR041 Germany 2018
DMAXDR040 Khepa  album cover Gary Leroy Khepa DMAXDR040 Germany 2018
DMAXDR039 Shangri-La  album cover Numedian Shangri-La DMAXDR039 Germany 2018
DMAXDR038 Hall Of Faces  album cover Blashear Hall Of Faces DMAXDR038 Germany 2018
DMAXDR037 Radamantis  album cover Reising Radamantis DMAXDR037 Germany 2018
DMAXDR036 Misophonia  album cover Nicola Maddaloni Misophonia DMAXDR036 Germany 2018
DMAXDR035 Double-Edged Sword  album cover MHX Double-Edged Sword DMAXDR035 Germany 2018
DMAXDR034 Spaceship  album cover Arbe & Dann Spaceship DMAXDR034 Germany 2018
DMAXDR033 A-Polo  album cover Ezequiel Giovanni A-Polo DMAXDR033 Germany 2018
DMAXDR032 Paradox  album cover UkTranceTeam Paradox DMAXDR032 Germany 2018
DMAXDR031 La Diabla  album cover Emiliano Pavon La Diabla(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR031 Germany 2018
DMAXDR030 Altemia  album cover Yisus Madrid Altemia(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR030 Germany 2018
DMAXDR029 Rasengan  album cover Gary Leroy Rasengan(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR029 Germany 2018
DMAXDR028 M82  album cover Ezequiel Giovanni M82(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR028 Germany 2018
DMAXDR027 Thy Kool  album cover Blashear Thy Kool(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR027 Germany 2018
DMAXDR026 Dark Soul  album cover Checho Suarez Dark Soul(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR026 Germany 2017
DMAXDR025 Think It  album cover Blashear Think It(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR025 Germany 2017
DMAXDR024 Back  album cover Josef Linecker* Back(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR024 Germany 2017
DMAXDR023 Mera  album cover Gabrielle AG Mera(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR023 Germany 2017
DMAXDR022 Overdrive  album cover Kurāken Overdrive(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR022 Germany 2017
DMAXDR021 System Overload  album cover Nhexis System Overload(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR021 Germany 2017
DMAXDR020 Its Only Become A Dream  album cover R-V-M* Its Only Become A Dream(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR020 Germany 2017
DMAXDR019 Shadow Walker  album cover Reliquary (3) & Nhexis Reliquary (3) & Nhexis - Shadow Walker(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR019 Germany 2017
DMAXDR018 The Cry Of The Beyong EP  album cover Kolt Us The Cry Of The Beyong EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR018 Germany 2017
DMAXDR017 Magnetic Field  album cover R-V-M* Magnetic Field(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR017 Germany 2017
DMAXDR016 Regenerate EP  album cover Kolt Us Regenerate EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR016 Germany 2017
DMAXDR015 Bloody Round  album cover Highforcer Bloody Round(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR015 Germany 2017
DMAXDR014 Emaya  album cover Chih Emaya(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR014 Germany 2017
DMAXDR013 Human Attack  album cover Luca Gazzola Human Attack(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR013 Germany 2017
DMAXDR012 Helius  album cover D.B.J Helius(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR012 Germany 2017
DMAXDR010 Emergency Call  album cover Unbeat Emergency Call DMAXDR010 Germany 2016
DMAXDR009 Lost Paradise  album cover Vita (16) Lost Paradise(2xFile, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR009 Germany 2016
DMAXDR008 Rampage  album cover Michael Kaelios Rampage(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR008 Germany 2016
DMAXDR007 F**k Like A Slut  album cover Dave Cold F**k Like A Slut(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR007 Germany 2015
DMAXDR006 Lenore  album cover Unbeat Lenore DMAXDR006 Germany 2015
DMAXDR005 Predator  album cover Neos (3) Predator(2xFile, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR005 Germany 2015
DMAXDR004 Cursed & Meltdown EP  album cover Aquilae Cursed & Meltdown EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR004 Germany 2015
DMAXDR003 Collateral Damage  album cover Nick Silvestri Collateral Damage(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR003 Germany 2015
DMAXDR002 Talk To A Freak EP  album cover Lost Ghost (3) Talk To A Freak EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR002 Germany 2015
DMAXDR001 Relentless  album cover Anthony S Relentless(2xFile, MP3, 320) D.Max Dark DMAXDR001 Germany 2015
DMAXDA001 More Than Words  album cover Joseph Fischer More Than Words(10xFile, MP3, Album, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXDA001 Germany 2015
DMAXD278 Via Lactea  album cover 5unLight Via Lactea DMAXD278 Germany 2018
DMAXD277 Light Flight  album cover Alex Ratz Light Flight DMAXD277 Germany 2018
DMAXD276 Stay Alive  album cover Logical Disparity Feat. Fox Mayers Logical Disparity Feat. Fox Mayers - Stay Alive DMAXD276 Germany 2018
DMAXD275 No Visions No Voices EP  album cover Moelamonde No Visions No Voices EP (EP) DMAXD275 Germany 2018
DMAXD274 Alba Rosa  album cover Nakhiya Alba Rosa DMAXD274 Germany 2018
DMAXD273 Vortex EP  album cover Karl K-Otik Vortex EP (EP) DMAXD273 Germany 2018
DMAXD272 Motivational Speech  album cover Rafa Montejo Motivational Speech DMAXD272 Germany 2018
DMAXD271 Worst  album cover Rosallia Worst DMAXD271 Germany 2018
DMAXD270 Sweet Things  album cover DJ Geri Sweet Things DMAXD270 Germany 2018
DMAXD269 Time Is Now  album cover Sunwaves Time Is Now(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD269 Germany 2018
DMAXD268 Spotlight  album cover Coolphonic Spotlight(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD268 Germany 2018
DMAXD267 Saline Water  album cover Sundrifting Feat. Seven Palmberg Sundrifting Feat. Seven Palmberg - Saline Water(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD267 Germany 2018
DMAXD266 Rotating Galaxies  album cover R-V-M* Rotating Galaxies(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD266 Germany 2018
DMAXD265 Cassini  album cover Rafa Montejo & Renegade (51) Rafa Montejo & Renegade (51) - Cassini(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD265 Germany 2018
DMAXD264 Serah 2.0  album cover Sixco Serah 2.0(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD264 Germany 2018
DMAXD263 When Worlds Collide  album cover Sundrifting Feat. Grace Day Sundrifting Feat. Grace Day - When Worlds Collide(3xFile, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD263 Germany 2018
DMAXD262 Wind From The Sun  album cover Grizli Man Wind From The Sun(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD262 Germany 2018
DMAXD261 The Road  album cover Saman Mehmani & Mehdi Milani Feat. Vida (3) Saman Mehmani & Mehdi Milani Feat. Vida (3) - The Road(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD261 Germany 2017
DMAXD260 Metro  album cover ASKII Metro(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD260 Germany 2017
DMAXD259 The Power Of Leo  album cover Waven (2) The Power Of Leo(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD259 Germany 2017
DMAXD258 Lonely World  album cover Sanani Lonely World(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD258 Germany 2017
DMAXD257 Herboren  album cover Morci Herboren(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD257 Germany 2017
DMAXD256 Reyna  album cover Nakhiya Reyna(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD256 Germany 2017
DMAXD255 Lost Soul  album cover Karim Farouk Lost Soul(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD255 Germany 2017
DMAXD254 Lift  album cover Dark Red Lift(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD254 Germany 2017
DMAXD253 Nautilus  album cover D'Jaeger Nautilus(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD253 Germany 2017
DMAXD252 M1903a1  album cover ZB-5 M1903a1(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD252 Germany 2017
DMAXD251 Collision Course EP  album cover Coolphonic Collision Course EP(5xFile, MP3, EP, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD251 Germany 2017
DMAXD250 J.u.l.i.a  album cover Bryan Summerville Presents Ocean Boulevard Bryan Summerville Presents Ocean Boulevard - J.u.l.i.a(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD250 Germany 2017
DMAXD249 Apogee  album cover Udo Chetty Apogee(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD249 Germany 2017
DMAXD248 Altitude EP  album cover Karl K-Otik Altitude EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD248 Germany 2017
DMAXD247 Whispers  album cover Ryan Raya Whispers(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD247 Germany 2017
DMAXD246 Morning Waves  album cover Daniel B* Morning Waves(File, MP3, 320) D.Max Deep DMAXD246 Germany 2017

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November 24, 2017
Am I the only one who think their release cover style is very boring ?


February 3, 2015
At least 50% of this label's releases are quite good. IMO, some of them are MUST HAVE.


January 22, 2015
very bad low quality trance label.... to avoid