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Liquid sky was born in Brazil in 1986 as a clothing and cosmetic company.
After becoming frustrated with the scene in Sao Paulo, DJ Soul Slinger moved to New York in 1988
and opened the first so-called rave emporium in america.
DJ's, performers, dancers, mc's, singers,and actors would gather inside Liquid Sky for a decade
and helped build the so-called electronic scene in New York and all over America.
Liquid sky music was founded in 1992 and in 1993 produced and released the first US jungle track with 'Jungle Liquid Sky/Ethiopia'.
After the September 11 2001 unresolved crime, liquid sky closed the NYC store and relocated in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
DJ Soul Slinger and family still live in the US and maintain the spirit of Liquid Sky.

Sublabels:Home Entertainment, Jungle Sky, Liquid Sky Music Publishing, Inc., Tekhed


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  • Deefex's avatar
    One of the best music collectives (Store, Label, Party Promoter), to emerge from America's East Coast Rave scene of the early 90s-00s. The Jungle Sky records came out with some of the sickest tunes ever. Always consistent with the quality and how the store ran. I miss NYC in the 90s and the parties. Liquid Sky was front and center. Awesome Collective.