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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
CURLEY MUSIC 01 Curley The Esoteric E.P.(2x12", EP, RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 01 France 2010 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 02 Curley Dancing With The Devil(12", RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 02 France 2010 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 03 Curley Ultimate Straightness EP (EP) CURLEY MUSIC 03 France 2010 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 04 Curley Elegant Panning EP(12", EP, RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 04 France 2011 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 05 Curley Odd Sins EP (EP) CURLEY MUSIC 05 France 2011 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 06 Esoteric Falling, Floating, Flying EP (EP) CURLEY MUSIC 06 France 2011 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 07 Curley Curley And Ramon EP(12", EP, RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 07 France 2011 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 08 Curley Scarlet Enterprise(12", EP, RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 08 France 2011 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 09 Curley Smoke Underwater EP(12", EP, RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 09 France 2012 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 10 Esoterik* Mayhem(12", RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 10 France 2012 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 11 Curley Kibra-HACHA 2001(12", RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 11 France 2012 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 12 Curley Axe Breaker E.P. (EP) CURLEY MUSIC 12 France 2012 Sell This Version
CURLEY MUSIC 13 Curley Have An Axe To Grind E.P.(12", EP, RE) Curley Music CURLEY MUSIC 13 France 2012 Sell This Version

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January 17, 2014
Big up Expressillion for the repress


October 1, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
On behalf of Curley,s son Ixl i would like to thank Expressillion for re-pressing all the iconic tunes of the late master himself, Curley.
For all you lovely people out there around the globe, who appreciate Curley's music let me remind you, that each and every one of you have a CHOICE, either to buy/sell/or not, original or re-pressess at whatever price your punter is willing to pay.
Curley's aim was to spread his music and positive vibe around the globe to as many people who were willing to open their ears and carefully listen to his specific audio sound.
So big thanks to EXPRESSILLION for supporting Curley's family and Continuing the legacy of Curley's music.
Big respect to the master himself CURLEY R.I.P


September 30, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
I've bought 11 of his originals back in the day for about €10,- each. Seeing those prices rising heights is fun. But even for those prices I wouldn't sell them! The music is just to tough to lose. So, it's good that a new genration is getting the chance to redeem them. But, it would serve it's legacy to limited the quantity and sell them only from the trunk of cars, like it was done in the 1990's. It shouldn't be on sale and available for every dickhead abusing Curley's spirit.


September 3, 2011
All discussions about original vs. repress and sound quality aside, who had the brilliantest idea to shrinkwrap those releases, American style? In 2010? Would you believe it, a high percentage of them turn up warped. Anyone who has ever bought e.g. a UR release knows that it is a very serious risk. Guess no one at Expressillon was ever into record collection. Shame!


May 15, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
The original analog mastering is much warmer and deeper, dynamics and sounds in the background are much more alive.
It's the same problem with the "Network 23 Repress"

Digital's limits are re-transcription of the magnificent "perfect imperfection" from analog sound


February 2, 2011
So good that finally all these gems are being repressed, available again to a new generation, without having to spend hundreds of euro's for an original. Music is NOT an collecters item but a form of expression that should be available for people to listen to and play. Ofcourse, it's a bummer for people that have spend a lot of money on originals but let me say this about that: All that money that was spend on those originals never went to the artist or family for that matter. It went straight into a bank account of some person that had the balls to ask so much money for it. Wasn't it printed on the matrix of some curley records where it said: Never pay more than 7 euros for this record, that's a statement! Spiral Tribe repressed probably for the same reason. Music is not a collecters item people, it's a way of communication and meant to be heard. i am happy because i know i will be hearing these tracks more often again, in the right place, where this music was made for: Free parties for free people, right?


October 14, 2010
edited over 7 years ago
i don´t see any problems in represses !
why not ?
other peoble haven´t lot of money ,and all how buy the old one (included me ,i have all curley recs ) have original recs ! repress is repress ,original is original !
and i think it´s not bad ,so maybe more curley sound on partys and not this newschool hardtekno .

maybe barbara needs money ! why not she was the girlfriend from curley not you ,we ,i´m!!
i buy a lot of the old tunes from herself !
and talk a lot with her and she told me 2 years agoo maybe represses come .
i see no prob in it ,i think it´s a good idea to bring old sound again to the younger genoration !



October 13, 2010
edited over 5 years ago
Guess most peoples are just gutted about having paid 150£ for a rec. Same with the NTW repress, people who are ain't happy about it are just jealous.We're not in 94 so get real!! what matters is to spread the music one way or another so Long live Curley and his tunes.


September 20, 2010
how can you say this about barbara !!!

-- if anyone is to decide what is to happen with curley's music it is barbara and ixl -- no one else !!!

not u and not your friend who happen to have this track, dont know if this is the one that would-should have been released on highlandbeats records -- all i know is that curley wanted to release this track if its the hb track !!!

... your friend is now deciding for curley ... how can you even think of the "behind his back excuse" if you knew Curley !!!

i feel you should give the track to barbara and ixl, they could then decide to release it or not, and if so, use the "money" for ixl's studies or other dreams he has .. barbara can provide for herself, but the only way curley can still provide for his son is by releasing his music that is left on this earth ....

-- I kindly would like to ask you to give the track to the ones who should have it .... ego's ruin this world ... your ego should be put to the side for a bigger cause ...

how -in the name of love- can you even assume that curley would not want his music to support his loved ones !!



September 6, 2010
edited over 7 years ago
What's happening with the schoop Curley copyright ?
Finally repress, why ?
I am a curley fan since long time, and i have spent a lot of money buying his records ?
Well Repress is repress and original is original, but i am jalous now...