Bath House Etiquette


Bath House Etiquette is a manual on how to handle Gay Discos. Everyone needs a little inside information. Follow the stairs to the basement, wait on your knees by the sling and wait for Mr. Marvine (to you) for further instructions.

Bath House Etiquette emerged from the cult edits label Secret Mixes Fixes. Secret Mixes Fixes focuses on diverse selection of music towards the larger goal of recontextualizing music that inspired a whole midwestern sound. Bath House Etiquette showcases master editor Gay Marvine's burning Disco side, his journey through the pleasures and perils of gay nightlife.

How do I look in control in only a towel? What do you do with a young lover that is beautiful to look at but trecherous to converse with? Where are all the red hanky bottoms? Best timing for a popper? The right leather harness for your body shape? What do you do when you go to leather party but everybody is dressed up as puppies sniffing each others asses?

Through that exploration and his endless refinement, he gives us his fantasy sound track for that experience. Tracks perfect for rocking the floor, boot blacking, crisco based disco sling fun and other hedonistic orgiastic endevors...

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