Genetic Trance


Noncommercial netlabel releasing any kind of information in physical and digital format.
Its conception reflects an idea of informational freedom and limitlessness of art.
The label started in autumn 2010, spontapeously raised after re-release of Genetic Trance 2005 album in digital format.
The label is founded by Caliph Mutabor.
There are also some specific or non-audio catalogues - GTI, GTT and GTS.

Since GT722 some new releases are not hosted at; you can download them directly from Genetic Trance page at Jimdo, or find them at the label’s VK. / Since GT754 new releases are usually hosted at Bandcamp.
GT352 is MIDI. / GT710 seems not to exist. / GT965 and GT989 are silent videos.
Other non-audio releases: GT1012. / After GT1044, the Bandcamp releases go unnumbered until GT1052.
Main music genres: Noise, Musique concrete, Vaporwave, Witch House, Techno and others.

Sublabels:;'; , ;';, 21 Penguins, Conceptual Design, Default Recordings (2), Diploma Supplement Label, Genetic Tapes, Genetic Trance Interview Series, Genetic Transurfin', Get Head, Haltura Project, ...
Contact Info: , , Bandcamp , , , Facebook , Lastfm , , Tumblr


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