Endless Field Studios


Label from Chicago, Illinois, founded in 2005 by Paul Petrosyan and Tyler Etters.

Released not yet in the database:
EFS001 Ix - Descent Into Dreams
EFS003 Lunar Day - Closest I Will Ever Be
EFS004 Mirrek - Rebirth
EFS005 Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades - Session 050309
EFS006 Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades - Serial Index of Unclaimed Memories
EFS007 Lunar Day - No One Needs Proof
EFS009 Red Earth - Cognition
EFS010 Pstetwoo - Motion Picture Soundtrack to No Motion Picture
EFS011 Pstetwoo - Casiopus 1, Lost Unfinished Recordings
EFS012 Eno - Nature Vs. Industry (Remastered)
EFS017 Analog Fire - Audio Delicious
EFS023 La Mer - Symphonic Expression of Reincarnated Fantasy
EFS028 Con the Master - Crimson Precursor
EFS039 Con the Master - Wayback Music LP
EFS042 Pullahs - Speaking in Colors
EFS059 Flash Flash Comfort - Chill Night



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