Pinnacle Records


UK independent label active since the 1970s, expanding its operations as a distributor in the 1980s.
Original parent company was Pinnacle Electronics Ltd..

UK distributor / label Pinnacle (3) and/or Pinnacle Records
or Pinnacle Records Distribution or Pinnacle Distribution Ltd. or Pinnacle Entertainment or Pinnacle Labels or Pinnacle Disco, etc., as on the release

Some other companies named Pinnacle:
Pinnacle (2) - Washington USA label
Pinnacle Records (2) - Tennessee USA label
Pinnacle Records (3) - Canadian label
Pinnacle Records (4) - for unofficial Pinnacle Records releases
Pinnacle Records (7) - Jamaican label
Pinnacle Records (10) - label of Bigg Country Talent Agency
Pinnacle Records (11) - A Division Of Compass Distributing Inc.
Pinnacle Records (12) - Nashville, Tennessee label
Pinnacle Music Group - Salt Lake City, Utah company

Parent Label:Pinnacle Entertainment Ltd.
Sublabels:A&R Records (3), Firebird, Pinnacle Disco, Rialto, Street Beat (2)
Contact Info:

Pinnacle, Electron House, Cray Avenue, St. Mary Cray, Orpington, Kent BR5 3QJ. TEL: Orpington 27099
(with minor variations, all defunct)
Pinnacle, 1 Oasthouse Way, Cray Avenue, Orpington, Kent BR5 3QJ.
(last address, defunct)


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