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Also appears as "EMI Records" (on Jugoton & Music For Pleasure releases), "E.M.I Records", "E. M. I. Records" or "E M I Records" and often followed by "(The Gramophone Co. Ltd.)". Do not confuse with the pressing plant EMI Records or the company E.M.I. Records Limited.
As in this instance E.M.I. Records is the trading name of The Gramophone Co. Ltd. and appears on releases starting from 1965 up until 1972/73. Do not enter it as Label.

E.M.I. Records as a trading name of The Gramophone Co. Ltd. was established in 1965 by Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) following the reorganisation of its recorded music operations. E.M.I. Records Limited (former principal company behind Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. record division), The Parlophone Co. Ltd., Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. were merged into The Gramophone Co. Ltd, subsequently bringing the labels (trademarks) of these companies under the direct registered ownership of The Gramophone Co. Ltd. and back catalogues, manufacturing, licensing, distribution under one administrative control.

E.M.I. Records (The Gramophone Co. Ltd.) manufactured records at its factories at Blyth Road, Hayes, Middlesex. between 1965 until 1972. In July 1972 TGCL operations were relocated to newly constructed premises 2 miles away at Uxbridge Road. (The old facilities at Blyth Road which had been in operation since 1908 were subsequently put to use by the electronics division of Electric & Musical Industries Ltd.) The newly completed record production factory, distribution warehouses and sales centre covered 432.000 sq.ft, which included a 160,000 sq. ft. pressing plant consisting of a pressroom with 112 automatic vinyl presses plus room for 28 more when needed, sleeve store and sleeving area, as well as a tape duplication plant. The new plant increased production by 50% with an initial production capacity of 300.000 records a day. In 1973 The Gramophone Co. Ltd. is renamed EMI Records Ltd. and subsequently takes over the role as principal company behind EMI Ltd. (EMI) record division and the trading (division) name "EMI Records".

The Gramophone Co. Ltd. 'in-house' pressings:
For vinyl pressings (7" and LP), the plant used the 9 and 3 o'clock locations for mother and stamper identity respectively (oriented to the matrix). For stampers the company used the 10-digit code "GRAMOPHLTD"; G=1 R=2 A=3 M=4 O=5 P=6 H=7 L=8 T=9 D=0.

Contract pressings:
The Gramophone Co Ltd. plant also undertook contract pressings for other companies between EMI pressings. Their clients included Liberty, United Artists Records and Island Records.

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E.M.I. Records (The Gramophone Co. Ltd.)


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