Also listed as vinyl on demand or VOD Records.
Label run by Frank Maier and specialized in late 70s and early 80s industrial, noise, avantgarde, as well as minimal synth, wave, goth releases. Mostly taken from extremely limited tape publications, often with exclusive bonus tracks and unpublished extras.
Apart from selling their records through the usual distributers, VOD also offered yearly subscription memberships. These members often got additonal goodies, such as exclusive 7"s, inserts, boxsets, t-shirts and the like. Besides that so called Friend-editions were released in very limited quantities.
From 1-1-2018 to 1-1-2019 the label was temporarily defunct.

Sublabels:Individual VOD, pripuzzi, VinylOverDose
Contact Info:

Frank Maier
Alpenstrasse 25/1
D-88045 Friedrichshafen
email: [email protected] , , , Facebook


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  • Ambientdreamer's avatar
    Franks label and impeccable detail that goes into each release is second to none. No one in the industry puts out box sets like he does.
    they are ART pieces. Take a look through the discography and peruse the pictures. All of these will be a buy now or cry later. Thanks Frank for your hard work and we love you.
    • Zwischenfall's avatar
      I got to know Frank and his VOD label as 100% reliable and correct. So far I've only had one complaint and Frank corrected it immediately. I haven't met anyone better than Frank in 40 years.
      • kartonas's avatar
        Edited 2 years ago
        Had a misfortune to purchase 2 VOD-released boxed sets of vinyl records directly from VOD.
        4 of the records turned out have clearly visible, not to mention audible, pressing defects (3 with non-fills, one decentered).

        Publicly Frank Mayer promises to replace defective pressings.
        Not so much in private: sent him an email about defects, inquired about replacements – Frank right away banned me from making any purchases from his store (boo-hoo!), but promised to send replacements for 3 records (not 4 that are defective).

        It is now over 5 months after the replacements were supposedly mailed, however I have not received anything
        I emailed Frank multiple times asking for tracking numbers and status of the replacements, but he was evasive w.r.t providing the tracking information and resorted to insults instead, to quote: "I am so sick and tired of your complaints and you are obviously not even able to track for the correct number".
        • 030crash's avatar
          sad news:

          "Cease to Exist in the future to avoid the Apocalyse Now

          the ongoing sad, frustrating and rather disillusioning experiences & disappointments with artists during the past years in combination of being recently fooled by shipping-companys as DHL as well as a never to fully satisfy 'Zeitgeist' for immediate and perfect deliveries in an increasingly worsening production- and shipping value chain have now convinced me that it is best to terminate the label before i experience a full mental 'Apocalpyse Now' myself or can't provide the quality and high release-standard set to myself..

          After the label-termination scheduled for mid to late 2021 I will fully concentrate on selling off the remaining VOD-stock and appr. 80% of my current collection i was unable to integrate into an academic context ending in a total of round about 45,000 medias to be sold via tape-mag-website and the recently rented space in my hometown which will also suit as a Gallery and research-mediathek for 20th Century Avantgarde and Audio-Art incl the DIY Culture

          Frank/VOD-Records and Tape-Mag"
          • daftcombo's avatar
            I only know a few releases on this label and I don't know where to begin with the rest. Could anybody tip me to their favorite releases? Would be much appreciated.