Abbey Road Studios


Recording and mastering studios, originally established by The Gramophone Co. Ltd. in 1931, located in London, England, UK.
Operating as EMI Recording Studios until 1984, when it legally changed its name to Abbey Road Studios.
For pre-1985 recordings that include "EMI" in the studio name, in whatever variation, please use EMI Studios.

Also appearing as:
· Abbey Road
· Abbey Road, London
· Abbey Road Studio, St. John's Wood, London
· Abbey Road Studios, London
· Abbey Road (Studio 2)
· Abbey Road Studio 2
· No.1 Studio, Abbey Road, London
· No.2 Studio, Abbey Road, London
· Studio 2, Abbey Road Studios

The studio complex consists of three main studios (Studios One, Two, Three) plus The Penthouse (since 1980) and the Gatehouse and Frontroom studios (since 2017) with respective control rooms.
There also are four vinyl mastering, half-speed mastering and lacquer cutting rooms ("Room 5", "Room 6", "Room 7" and "Room 30"), each equipped with modified Neumann VMS 80 lathes.
Additionally, there are two mastering / remastering rooms, a.o. for Dolby Atmos Music ("Room 35") and for enhancement/restoration ("Room 13"), plus many more rooms for production, mixing, and post-production.

Until the early 1990s, the studio also had high-speed cassette duplication facilities.

In June 1984, Abbey Road was the first UK studio to offer DMM technology by installing a Neumann VMS 82 lathe in "Room 5" (at that time lacquers were also cut on a VMS 70 with SX-74 cutter head). Copper cuts are marked with a stamped D.
All lathes were later replaced by VMS 80.

Current and former engineers employed by Abbey Road include: Frank Arkwright, Greg Baggott, Dee Batten, Chris Blair, Peter Bown, Kathy Bryan, Sally Drew, Brian Fifield, Simon Gibson, Darrin Godwin, Alex Gordon (9), Caroline Haigh, Jared Hawkes, Jennifer Howells, Peter James, Ian Jones (4), Simon Kiln, Chris Ludwinski, Sean Magee, Lee Mansfield, Peter Mew, Richard Middleton (2), Harry Moss, Adam Nunn, Jørn Pedersen (2), Geoff Pesche (aka Peachy (2)), Tony Platt, Simon Poole (5), Michael Sheady, Miles Showell, Eric Tomlinson, Peter Cobbin, Alan Parsons, Allan Ramsay, Steve Rooke, Neil Sutcliffe, Tracey Jackson, Andrew Walter, Nick Webb, Alex Wharton, Christian Wright and Hazel Yarwood.

Parent Label:Virgin Records Ltd.
Sublabels:Abbey Road Institute, Abbey Road Interactive, Abbey Road Live, Mastered At Abbey Road Studios - Half Speed Mastering, The Penthouse
Contact Info:

Abbey Road Studios
3 Abbey Road - St. John's Wood
London, England NW8 9AY UK

tel: +44 (0)20 7266 7000
fax: +44 (0)20 7266 7250

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