This is a label / series of tech house EPs (and compilation LPs) put out by the swanky boys (Paul Davis and Matt Jackson) a.k.a. Circulation.

Sublabels:Circulation Limited, Resolve
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  • DJFrodo's avatar
    Edited 19 years ago
    I notice how nobody can agree on their style...its because they are so versatile. You got Breakbeat on Limited #1, beautiful Downtempo with chocolate, Ambient on terracotta, hard funky House with purple, Trip-Hop on taupe, Disco on white, and a majority of their releases being Tech-House/Deep House and Trance. NOT Acid or Progressive or Hard Trance, just basic old smooth Trance. Everyone of their tracks has a DEEP feelgood vibe. The kind of stuff that people WILL groove too even if they aren't really into techno. (like your mom!)
    • ev01ve's avatar
      Personally I don't think they have moved their sound forward enough. They have become quite successful and can afford new gear which has polished the sound up a bit. Their older stuff was, while rougher around the edges had more energy. (This was before they became tech prog darlings.

      Anyway nothing to do with Global Communication, but Matt Jackson from Circulation does have his own side project. Teaming up with Matt Dunning they produce under the moniker Subtech (and label) Subtech. Check it out if you haven't already.
      • Boab's avatar
        This really long running series of releases are always classy, with strong deep house sensibilities yet avoiding all the usual deep house noodlings that plague (too many) other releases. Think melodic tech house and your almost there, although they have had their more hectic moments.