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Label established by Hildegard Schmidt in 1980, manager of the seminal Krautrock group Can to release their group, solo & side-project material.

Early pressings history
The first two releases (SPOON 001/2 and SPOON 003), published in 1980 had no LC code. The simplistic black on white label had no logo, with the label name in bold: SPOON-Records, with the address 5000 Köln 30 in smaller text underneath.
Later 1980/81 pressings had basically the same design, adding LC 7395 on the left of the label (above GEMA) and revised the address slightly to D-5000 Köln 30.
French (Celluloid) and Italian (Base Record) issues date from 1981+.
Sometime during the mid/late 1980s Mute Records took up UK distribution.
In 1989 the first CD issues appeared. These had basic black print labels and no logos, "Made in Switzerland" and with SPOON only as part of the catalogue number.
In 1991, with Mute taking up international distribution, a logo for SPOON was introduced (block split inverse capitals in a box) first on white labels on vinyl (1999+ black inverse labels) and on the right hand side (or bottom) of CD labels.

Mangement: Hildegard Schmidt & Sandra Podmore
Manufactured & distributed by Mute Records Ltd. (since the mid/late 1980s)
Publishing branch: Spoon Music
Label Code: LC 7395

Parent Label:Spoon Records UK Ltd.
Sublabels:Can Solo Edition
Contact Info:

Spoon Records U.K. Ltd.
London, UK

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