Disco France Industrie was a French manufacturer of records and cassettes, established in July 1989 after renaming Disco France.
The company was liquidated on November 4, 2004 and finally closed down on December 20, 2007 for inadequacy of assets.
It remains unclear when its name changed to become VPI.

DFI had an in-house galvanic department and pressed black/colour and injection moulded records (12", 10", 7"). It used special injection-compression presses manufactured by Disco France sister company M.A.P., each of which could produce up to 380 discs an hour. This was a significant advantage compared to its competitors during the 80’s, as it required less personnel.

An offset printer called DCNI was implanted on-site in July 1987 for the production of related printed matter. Jacket and label printing was previously provided by France Imprimerie Sorel, which belonged to the AGI group together with Disco France.

DFI pressings have "DFI" stamped or etched in the runouts. Usually, DFI has also added the manufacturing date in the runouts, e.g. 90/1, 95-1, 01.1, 02 7 etc., indicating year and month (please do not add as release date).

DFI pressings between July 1989 and January 1990 still carry the ⩓ in the runouts. Please add [AGI logo] in its place.

Director: Jérôme Berge.

Contact Info:

Disco France Industrie SAS
1, rue du Pont Saint Jean
28260 Saussay

Tel.: +33 (0)2 37628600 / +33 (0)2 37628606
Fax: +33 (0)2 37414596
Mail: [email protected]
Siret: 35150140800014

(Contact info now obsolete)


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