British label, based in London, run by Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon. Leon Oakey was the label manager during its initial spell. Defected acquired the label in August 2010.
The 12"s start at CMC100 and run backwards, and the albums start at CMC100 and run forwards. After reaching catalogue number zero, they briefly stopped releasing vinyl EPs and singles.

Parent Label:Classic Music Company
Sublabels:Acid, Class Act Recordings, Classic Digital, Plastic
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Email: [email protected]

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  • lorenz285's avatar
    i always think of an elephant when i see the logo. lol
    • tomrallen's avatar
      In a DJmag interview, Carter and Solomon said that once the catalogue numbers reached zero they would simply close down the label. Hopefully they won't waste time in setting up a successor, since Classic have been one of the most discerning and dependable house labels I've had the pleasure of buying from.