Dark. Descent.

Dark. Descent.

Dark. Descent. is a recordlabel that was founded in 2006 by The Relic. Dark. Descent. releases are focused towards dark and industrial orientated experimental hardcore techno with some classical additions. Releasing digital in 2011. In 2016 Dark. Descent. and its sublabels left Noisj and joined Room 23 Music.

The label uses variable catalog numbers in format [DD + XX + XXX] (Dark. Descent. + Format + Release number).

The format numerics are structured like this:
00 = Special edition
12 = Vinyl
13 = Regular digital release
14 = Album
15 = Collected (Compilations)
16 = Revisited
RS = Rōnin Series (Various)

The last 3 numbers of the cat is the release order. Because of the vinyl releases (they take longer to release) the order of releases and release order can be different. In the end its just a number
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
DD00000 Paradox Lost (Shatterling Remix)  album cover Cubic Nomad Paradox Lost (Shatterling Remix)(File, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00000 Netherlands 2015
DD00008 Sounds For The End Of The World  album cover Weisses Rauschen Sounds For The End Of The World DD00008 Netherlands 2011
DD00009 Darkness Audible  album cover Cubic Nomad & Xtematic Cubic Nomad & Xtematic - Darkness Audible DD00009 Netherlands 2011
DD00017 The Human Factor  album cover Omnicide The Human Factor DD00017 Netherlands 2012
DD00020 Dark By Nature - Mental - A  album cover Zanthrax Dark By Nature - Mental - A DD00020 Netherlands 2012
DD00026 The Energy We Need  album cover Weisses Rauschen The Energy We Need(3xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00026 Netherlands 2012
DD00028 Lucifer  album cover Raum 107 Lucifer DD00028 Netherlands 2012
DD00031 The Deafening Howl Of A Dead Future  album cover Starving Insect & Omnicide Starving Insect & Omnicide - The Deafening Howl Of A Dead Future(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00031 Netherlands 2012
DD00035 Forget The Rapture, Prepare To Rot  album cover Starving Insect Forget The Rapture, Prepare To Rot(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00035 Netherlands 2012
DD00036 Drowning In The Mainstream  album cover Omnicide Drowning In The Mainstream DD00036 Netherlands 2012
DD00040 Born In Darkness  album cover Hibou Born In Darkness(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00040 Netherlands 2013
DD00042 It's Not Human  album cover The Relic It's Not Human(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00042 Netherlands 2013
DD00044 Prism  album cover Dr. Strange Prism(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00044 Netherlands 2013
DD00047 Permanent Solution  album cover Omnicide Permanent Solution(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00047 Netherlands 2013
DD00051 Between Light And Shadow  album cover The Relic Between Light And Shadow(File, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00051 Netherlands 2013
DD00054 Durch Das Schwarz  album cover Raum 107 Durch Das Schwarz(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00054 Netherlands 2014
DD00056 Dark By Nature - Mental - B  album cover Zanthrax Dark By Nature - Mental - B(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00056 Netherlands 2014
DD00064 Sentinels  album cover The Relic Sentinels(File, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00064 Netherlands 2014
DD00065 Sunken  album cover Ragnarok (9) & Starving Insect Ragnarok (9) & Starving Insect - Sunken(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00065 Netherlands 2015
DD00068 Opposition (175 VIP)  album cover Sei2ure Opposition (175 VIP)(File, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00068 Netherlands 2015
DD00078 Black Operations  album cover Cubic Nomad & Xtematic Cubic Nomad & Xtematic - Black Operations(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00078 Netherlands 2016
DD00082 Proton (Mono-Amine's Bon Vivant Remix)  album cover Sei2ure Proton (Mono-Amine's Bon Vivant Remix) DD00082 Netherlands 2017
DD00083 Dark By Nature - Mental - C  album cover Zanthrax Dark By Nature - Mental - C(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00083 Netherlands 2017
DD00090 Disobedience  album cover Defiler (9) Disobedience(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00090 Netherlands 2017
DD00092 The Fantasy Of A Disordered Mind  album cover SummA The Fantasy Of A Disordered Mind(2xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00092 Netherlands 2018
DD00096 XV EP  album cover Sound Abuse XV EP (EP) DD00096 Netherlands 2018
DD00097 Lurk  album cover Helios Is Dead & Dustrializer Helios Is Dead & Dustrializer - Lurk DD00097 Netherlands 2018
DD00100 Sorrow's Shapeless Rhyme  album cover Mute. Sorrow's Shapeless Rhyme (Single) DD00100 Netherlands 2018 Sell This Version
DD00107 Instinct  album cover The Relic Instinct DD00107 Netherlands 2020
DD00108 Rawsome  album cover Moleculez & Mental Wreckage Moleculez & Mental Wreckage - Rawsome (EP) DD00108 Netherlands 2020
DD00111 Kindness (Remember Us Better Than We Are)  album cover Mute. Kindness (Remember Us Better Than We Are)(File, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00111 Netherlands 2020
DD00113 Sensation Of The Mind  album cover Embrionyc & Cubic Nomad Embrionyc & Cubic Nomad - Sensation Of The Mind DD00113 Netherlands 2020
DD00114 Cull Destroy Poem (A Song For Suki)  album cover Mute. Cull Destroy Poem (A Song For Suki)(File, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD00114 Netherlands 2020
DD00120 Maniac  album cover The Relic Maniac DD00120 Netherlands 2021
DD10105 Ark I: Return Of The Exiled  album cover The Relic Ark I: Return Of The Exiled DD10105 Netherlands 2020
DD10118 Ark II: Sin And Salvation  album cover The Relic Ark II: Sin And Salvation(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD10118 Netherlands 2021
DD12001 Savage  album cover Zanthrax Savage(12", Ltd, W/Lbl) Dark. Descent. DD12001 Netherlands 2006 Sell This Version
DD12005 Light Errant  album cover Cubic Nomad Light Errant(12") Dark. Descent. DD12005 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD12008 Sounds For The End Of The World  album cover Weisses Rauschen Sounds For The End Of The World(12") Dark. Descent. DD12008 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD12013 Bunker I  album cover The Relic Bunker I(12") Dark. Descent. DD12013 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD12014 Urban Hunting  album cover Sei2ure Urban Hunting(12") Dark. Descent. DD12014 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD12015 Element: Arsenic  album cover Dual Mechanism Element: Arsenic(12") Dark. Descent. DD12015 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD12016 Seeker  album cover Cubic Nomad Seeker(12") Dark. Descent. DD12016 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD12023 Dark Matter  album cover Sei2ure Dark Matter(12") Dark. Descent. DD12023 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
DD13001 Savage  album cover Zanthrax Savage DD13001 Netherlands 2012
DD13002 Holy War  album cover Cubic Nomad Holy War DD13002 Netherlands 2010
DD13003 Inner Strength  album cover Sound Abuse Inner Strength (EP) DD13003 Netherlands 2011
DD13004 Iron Mixed With Clay  album cover Razor Edge Iron Mixed With Clay DD13004 Netherlands 2011
DD13006 Predator  album cover The Relic Predator DD13006 Netherlands 2011
DD13007 Tartaros  album cover Embrionyc Tartaros DD13007 Netherlands 2011
DD13011 Deurtz  album cover Nekra Damage Deurtz DD13011 Netherlands 2011
DD13012 10^-9  album cover Moleculez 10^-9 DD13012 Netherlands 2011
DD13014 Urban Hunting  album cover Sei2ure Urban Hunting DD13014 Netherlands 2012
DD13015 Element: Arsenic  album cover Dual Mechanism Element: Arsenic (EP) DD13015 Netherlands 2012
DD13016 Seeker  album cover Cubic Nomad Seeker(6xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13016 Netherlands 2012
DD13019 Outlander  album cover Mindwalker Outlander(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13019 Netherlands 2012
DD13022 Regeneration  album cover Petrochemical Regeneration DD13022 Netherlands 2013
DD13023 Dark Matter  album cover Sei2ure Dark Matter DD13023 Netherlands 2012
DD13027 Interlock  album cover Mindwalker Interlock(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13027 Netherlands 2012
DD13029 Prequel To Chaos  album cover AK-Industry Prequel To Chaos(5xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13029 Netherlands 2012
DD13032 The Narkotikz  album cover Stormtrooper The Narkotikz(3xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13032 Netherlands 2012
DD13034 Agents Collaborateur  album cover Moleculez Agents Collaborateur(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13034 Netherlands 2013
DD13038 Key Scenes  album cover Stan Grewzell Key Scenes(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13038 Netherlands 2013
DD13039 From The Ashes  album cover X-Core From The Ashes(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13039 Netherlands 2013
DD13041 D/s  album cover The Peoples Republic Of Europe D/s(6xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13041 Netherlands 2013
DD13043 External World  album cover Razor Edge External World(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13043 Netherlands 2013
DD13045 Damage  album cover Sei2ure Damage DD13045 Netherlands 2013
DD13046 At The Gates  album cover X-Core At The Gates(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13046 Netherlands 2013
DD13052 A Decade  album cover Sound Abuse A Decade (EP) DD13052 Netherlands 2014
DD13053 Dark Behaviour  album cover Densha Crisis Dark Behaviour DD13053 Netherlands 2014
DD13055 The Machine  album cover Stan Grewzell The Machine(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13055 Netherlands 2014
DD13057 Unicorn Attack  album cover Rawbots Unicorn Attack(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13057 Netherlands 2014
DD13058 End Of Eternity  album cover Mindwalker End Of Eternity(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13058 Netherlands 2014
DD13059 Rovdyr  album cover X-Core Rovdyr(7xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13059 Netherlands 2014
DD13061 Protective Angels  album cover The Fallen (2) Protective Angels(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13061 Netherlands 2014
DD13063 Collab Sessions  album cover Thomas Nordmann Collab Sessions(5xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13063 Netherlands 2014
DD13070 Atomichron  album cover Dep Affect Atomichron(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13070 Netherlands 2015
DD13072 Forewarn  album cover Shatterling Forewarn(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13072 Netherlands 2015
DD13073 Anger Management  album cover Defiler (9) Anger Management(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13073 Netherlands 2016
DD13076 We Carry The Burden Of Our Existential Thoughts  album cover Cyberstruct We Carry The Burden Of Our Existential Thoughts(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13076 Netherlands 2016
DD13077 Following Signals  album cover Stan Grewzell Following Signals(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13077 Netherlands 2016
DD13079 Alone In The Forest  album cover Hypoxic Alone In The Forest(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13079 Netherlands 2016
DD13080 Dominator (25 Years Of Domination Remixes)  album cover Human Resource Dominator (25 Years Of Domination Remixes) DD13080 Netherlands 2016
DD13084 Feverish Dreams  album cover Sound Abuse Feverish Dreams(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13084 Netherlands 2017
DD13085 Mind Virus  album cover Corner (3) Mind Virus(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13085 Netherlands 2017
DD13086 The Whole Universe Surrenders  album cover Cubic Nomad The Whole Universe Surrenders DD13086 Netherlands 2017
DD13089 Destination Underground  album cover Dustrializer Destination Underground DD13089 Netherlands 2017
DD13091 Motivation Protocol  album cover The Relic Motivation Protocol DD13091 Netherlands 2017
DD13093 Destined For Darkness  album cover Dustrializer Destined For Darkness (EP) DD13093 Netherlands 2018
DD13095 The Artworld  album cover Braintune The Artworld(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13095 Netherlands 2018
DD13101 Memory Corruption Detected  album cover Embrionyc Memory Corruption Detected DD13101 Netherlands 2020
DD13102 Daring Expedition  album cover Stan Grewzell Daring Expedition DD13102 Netherlands 2020
DD13103 Facing The Enemy  album cover 100 Kilo Maarten Facing The Enemy (EP) DD13103 Netherlands 2020
DD13104 The Nature Of Suffering   album cover Braintune The Nature Of Suffering DD13104 Netherlands 2020
DD13106 Night Vision  album cover L'Aristokrat* Night Vision DD13106 Netherlands 2020
DD13109 The Mask Of Sanity  album cover RAßßeAT The Mask Of Sanity DD13109 Netherlands 2020
DD13110 Machine Gun  album cover 100 Kilo Maarten Machine Gun(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13110 Netherlands 2020
DD13112 Feeding The Fear  album cover Braintune Feeding The Fear DD13112 Netherlands 2020
DD13116 Uncertainty  album cover Stan Grewzell Uncertainty(4xFile, MP3, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13116 Netherlands 2021
DD13117 Dancing With The Birds  album cover Cubic Nomad Dancing With The Birds(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Dark. Descent. DD13117 Netherlands 2021

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August 19, 2019
Real underground label with a strong character, exploring and dismantling the boundaries between techno hardcore, drum 'n' bass, industrial, idm and much more. Mandatory for any real lover of serious and no-bullshit electronic music.


September 1, 2013
edited over 8 years ago
From what I've heard so far from this label it releases very well put together, hard and often very dirty kicks with dark and/or emotional melodies, therefore entertaining the mind and body equally. It is myy favourite label of present day, and better than Enzyme ever was. Awesome art work as well, 12" releases for some releases, these guys love their dark hardcore, its shows in everything the label does. Long may it continue.