Full name: Založba kaset in plošč RTV Ljubljana
Label from former Yugoslavia, based in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia established in 1980, previously known as Produkcija kaset in plošč RTV Ljubljana. In 1990, it was renamed ZKP RTVS (Založba kaset in plošč Radiotelevizije Slovenija).
The company never had its own manufacture of records, but instead used pressing services of other record companies (for vinyl records they mostly used pressing services of Jugoton, TGP Helidon, PGP RTB, Diskos and Hungaroton during later parts of the 80s).

These are distinguishable by their different label variants:
Jugoton - records pressed by Jugoton state "Prešano u Jugotonu" (Pressed by Jugoton) which appears on the bottom right edge of the labels.. Labels also had a lighter shade of green print.
TGP Helidon - records pressed by TGP Helidon usually had smoother edges, they were also issued with other color schemes such as black labels with white text and dark green labels with light green text. Oftentimes labels had excess vinyl peeking through.
PGP RTB - records pressed by PGP RTB had a much sharper edge and the print surface was much rougher. The centre part of the label also had two rings which are only present on PGP RTB records.
Diskos - records pressed by Diskos state "Štampa Diskos" (Diskos Pressing) which is present on the bottom of part of the labels. Their letters were also crudely printed at times.
Hungaroton - records pressed by Hungaroton state "Produced by Hunagroton" which appears on the bottom right edge of the labels. Hungaroton pressings were also the only ones that used the yellow variant of the ZKP RTVL label.

Cassettes were manufactured by TOZD ZKP located in Trubarjeva ulica - Ljubljana.

Parent Label:RTV Ljubljana
Sublabels:TOZD ZKP


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