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Vertigo was launched by Philips Records Ltd. in the UK on 7 November 1969 and quickly adopted by other labels in the global Phonogram group outside North America.
In 1971, the label was introduced in the US by the Phonogram subsidiary Mercury Record Corporation. The label was initially known for releasing many very popular progressive rock albums in the 1970s. Today the label is owned by the Universal Music Group.

The original "swirl" logo was based off a work by Marina Apollonio created in 1967. This logo, that remained in use throughout the label's existence, was used as label design between 1969 and 1973, fully adorning the A-side with the complete tracklist on a plain white (or in the case of Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality, black) B-side. In early 1973 the label design was changed to the equally iconic "spaceship" painted by Roger Dean (4), which appeared in a variety of blues and greens throughout the '70s, plus rare alternate shades in specific European markets. Around 1981 the spaceship design was abandoned for UK releases, though it remained in use elsewhere in Europe, in favour of a more plain design (initially with orange background).

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
Sublabels:Heavy Metal '80, Rock Company (2), Thin Lizzy - ¥1500 - 来日記念, Thin Lizzy - ¥1500 - 来日記念 = Commemorative Visit To Japan, WE LOVE HEAVY METAL, ナザレス - コレクション = Nazareth Collection
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    Anyone have an original swirl inner for sale? Thanks a lot!
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      Toto Blanke" Spiders Dance" a great fusion LP never been released on CD.
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        Edited 2 years ago
        olav wyper the founder and boss of vertigo has stated that philips/vertigo always pressed 1500 copies of EVERY release, that includes DR Z, CATAPILLA, etc, and patrick campbell lyons who worked in a+r at vertigo has said pressings were a minimum of 1000 per release. hence all unfounded claims that eg 25 or 100 were made of any given vertigo lp are utter nonsense spread by record dealers who would be more suited to selling turnips on london market stalls. one only has to check the popsike website that records ebay auction sales to see how many vertigo lps have been sold, eg 100s of every title. a major company like philips would have no reason to press miniscule quantities, and anyone who has released an lp knows that the costs are in the mastering and stampers, and that the cost difference between pressing eg 50 and 1000 is minimal. it is possible only a few hundred were actually sold of a few titles, but unsold copies were likely exported as copies of tudor lodge, dr z and catapilla turn up all over the place in south america, usa, australia etc. this is not to say the lps are overpriced, demand is high as the label is the jewel in the crown of the british progressive rock empire. the rarest vertigo releases are the promo only samplers issued as white labels in 1969/1970, one was found with promo release sheets stating 20 were pressed. there are 2 or 3 different samplers known to exist. nothing else on vertigo, or dawn, or harvest is actually "rare". this holds true of every major label uk lp. there are only a very few major label lps that seem to be genuinely rare, eg nicholas greenwood - cold cuts and wooden horse 2, etc, so if you see a dealer listing eg dr z on ebay and proclaiming "only 100 pressed" its a lie.
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          i can't say that i've ever heard a vertigo release that was questionable in any way ahape or form. imho... one of the greatest labels of all time. but then again...what do i know.