Trope Recordings


Founded by Thomas P. Heckmann in February 1993, Trope Recordings was based in Mainz, Germany. Specializing in hard and minimal Techno with Trance and Acid elements, the label most notably acted as the vehicle for Heckmann's famous "Drax" series, but also released singles by other successful Techno producers, such as Cristian Vogel and Si Begg as "Inevitable Technology". The Trope catalog includes certain odd items, such as TROPE 009 (an analogue sequencer), TROPE 018 (a winter jacket), and TROPE 024 (a record bag).
Trope Recordings and it's sublabel A.F.U., were both distributed via Neuton. Trope was also distributed via Uptown. The label has ended in 1998, and succeeded by Heckmann's new imprint Wavescape.

old contact:
Lanzelhohl 51
55128 Mainz

Sublabels:A.F.U., Afu Limited, AFULAB, AFUNET, AFUXTRA, Electrocute, Trope Mastering
Contact Info:

Trope Recordings / A.F.U.
Postfach 250213
55120 Mainz

Fon: +49 (0) 6131 684886
Fax: +49 (0) 6131 684804
e-mail : [email protected]


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