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A Swedish record company, a part of the Sonet family of companies. Originally the name of the company was Scandinavian Record Company, founded by Gunnar Bergström and Sven Lindholm in 1955. The company was renamed to Sonet Grammofon AB in 1960.

After losing license rights for Island Records and Chrysalis, the company was sold to PolyGram in 1991.
In 1999, PolyGram was sold to Seagram and merged with the MCA family of labels, which became Universal Music Group.

The releases from the time before the merge with Universal were made by both Swedish artists and foreign artists. Some were electronic releases, though most were pop music. After the merge with Universal the label, still named Sonet, focuses on Swedish artists singing in Swedish.

Sublabels:Cirkus, Grand Prix (2), Sonet Grammofon, Sonet Grammofon AS
Contact Info:

(Contact info now obsolete)
Sonet Grammofon AB
Atlasvägen 1 (Box 1205)
S-181 20 Lidingö

Tel: +46(8)7670510
Fax: +46(8)7670852


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