Spanish manufacturing and distribution company division of the RCA brand and contract labels in the Spanish market, previously known up to the mid 60s as RCA Española, S.A.
Contract labels include independents such as Ember Records, Chrysalis and local labels such as Explosión and Bocaccio Records. Impuesto de lujo Nº 3724.
Note: For the French equivalent of 'RCA, S.A.' please use RCA S.A. (without the comma).

An RCA division was first established in Spain in 1951 as Industria Electronica, S.A., later renamed RCA Española, S.A., and it was the first to introduce a single to the market in 1958, which was previously dominated by the EP. The company also pioneered mail-order and record club sales in Spain and subsequently boosted it's sales with signings, providing a repertoire of popular artists in the folk and flamenco genre. Its output is also supported by having its own recording studio facilities and production plant. Its music publishing catalog is handled in-house by Ed. RCA and Ediciones Musicales RCA Española, S.A..

In 1987/1988 replaced by BMG Ariola S.A.

Sublabels:4 Cantes, Cinema Tres, Colección Preferente, Country Music (6), Dance Music (3), Disco Direction, Disco Explosion, Ed. RCA, Ediciones Musicales RCA Española, S.A., Ediciones Musicales RCA, S.A., ...
Contact Info:

(Older one)
RCA S.A., Spain
Torre de Madrid - Madrid-13

(in 70s-80s):
Doctor Fleming, 43

(In middle 80s):
Dr. Fleming, 43
28036 Madrid

(in late 80s):
Avda. de los Madroños, 27
28043 Madrid


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