Avex Trax


Electronic and pop music label. Originates from Japan.
Japan is the primary market, but has also releases all over East Asia.

Please note that releases on this label except Japan often are for a specific territory in East Asia. Usually the label is handled by a different company in each country. To identify unique versions, it is important to check which manufacturer or distributor is mentioned.

Examples (not complete):
Hong Kong: Avex Asia Limited and Avex Hong Kong Limited
Taiwan: Avex Taiwan Inc.
Singapore: Music Street Pte Ltd.
Thailand: Red Beat International Co., Ltd.
Indonesia: PT. Indo Semar Sakti
South Korea: S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Rock Records & Tapes (Korea) Co., Ltd.
Philippines: Universal Records Inc. (2)

Parent Label:Avex Group
Sublabels:Alphabet Record, Avex Infinity, Avex Reggae System, Avex Rush, Avex Trance, Avex Tune, Beat Bomb! Records, Commmons, Dimension Point, Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection, ... , , Imdb , Wikipedia


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