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Fetvadd Records

Me, and other members of 16 B.U.H, started FETVADD as a fanzine back in 1984, a total of 8 issues was produced. Further on , a tapelabel with 11 cassettes emerged.

In 1988 we released the 1st 7" called "Cirkel´n är bruten" by 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna as a 3-track. The next year the split-7" with Bimbo Shrineheads from USA, both in Sweden and USA. In 1990 the plan was to release a split-7" with 16 B.U.H./Brutal Personal on Sörlings (you know him from Close-up magazine) label P.B. rec., but it never came out, so we (Fetvadd/Svenne rec.) released it ourselves. . The same year 16 B.U.H. was supposed to release a 12-track LP on Double O records in Germany, but it never happend, so we released it on Fetvadd instead in 1992, titled "Vem ska bära hundhuve´t", this was our 2nd LP. Our 1st LP should have been out in 1989 on Dissonance rec. in Germany, but it didn't work out. We solved it by releasing a cassette of the recordings titled "Vi ska gå till botten med det här!" shit, fuck, bad luck, but what the hell. This is history now, and who care´s anyway, but yet it's the facts about Fetvadd records and maybe someone would like to read it.(?) 1993 Fetvadd released a comp-7"called "Tranås är inte bara Hyland" with 4 bands from Tranås incl. 16 B.U.H., Paddington (now called Jeff inc.),Still The Same and Turkish Revenge. In 1994 I was planning to make a comp-CD by the name of "Things that make no sense" with Greenscab, Paddington, Still The Same, Atomvinter, Pejnäs Ork and My Onion. It was made in 1995. Later that same year I helped Jeff Inc. (ex.Paddington) release a 6-track MCD called "Running Tennis". Andreas Josefsson (Jive Magazine) and I planned a comp-CD, and did also relase this in 1996. It was named "Things start Moving". Including 18 punk/HC bands. Later in 1996, Still The Same (incl. Members from Rövsvett, 16 B.U.H., Identity and Disfornicate) put out a 5-track MCD called "Everything is Still The Same". In 1997 I released a new Swedish punk/hc comp-CD called "Things to do today" Including 14 bands . I also released a 7-track MCD with Micro Midas called "Sell me your Smile" . Kåre Gundersen, the singer of Micro Midas, convinced me to setup a website Aug-98, so He/We did.

The latest news is a split 7" beetween Micro Midas and the Norwegian band Tadpole, set to be released Dec-98.. That´s the story so far and who knows anything about the future ?

Bye from Löken... Tranås November-98

Löken have besides of Rövsvett and Striker in which he both plays in today also been involved in as named above 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna but also Horse Laugh and Still The Same among others. He also used to have his own one man band project called My Onion.


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
3 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna, Brutal Personal 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna, Brutal Personal - Nu Krävs Klarspråk / Skendemokrati(7", EP) Fetvadd Records, Svenne Records 3 Sweden 1991 Sell This Version
F-1 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna Cirkeln Är Bruten(7") Fetvadd Records, Fetvadd Records F-1 Sweden 1988 Sell This Version
FR-2 Bimbo Shrineheads / 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna Bimbo Shrineheads / 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna - Bimbo Shrineheads / 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna(7") Tulpa Productions, Fetvadd Records FR-2 US 1989 Sell This Version
FR 4 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna Vem Ska Bära Hundhuve't(LP, Album) Fetvadd Records FR 4 Sweden 1991 Sell This Version
FR 5 Various Tranås Är Inte Bara Hyland...(7", EP) Fetvadd Records FR 5 Sweden 1992 Sell This Version
FR 6 Various Things That Make No Sense(CD, Comp) Fetvadd Records FR 6 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
FR07 Jeff Inc. Running Tennis(CD, EP) Fetvadd Records FR07 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
FR 8 Various Things Start Moving(CD, Comp) Fetvadd Records FR 8 Sweden 1996 Sell This Version
FR 10 Various Things To Do Today(CD, Comp) Fetvadd Records FR 10 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
FR11 Micro Midas Sell Me Your Smile(CD, MiniAlbum) Fetvadd Records FR11 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
FR12 Tadpole (12) / Micro Midas Tadpole (12) / Micro Midas - Split 7" Single FR12 Norway 1998 Sell This Version
FR 13 Striker (9) On Tour With Striker(CD) Fetvadd Records FR 13 Sweden 2000 Sell This Version