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Fiakun was created by an entrepreneurial group of six young people, in which all have a vast experience in music. They decided to set up this project because they believed that by creating their own music label, they would be getting something that would be more valuable to them, and because, by doing so, they would be able to meet their economical, social and cultural needs and aspirations. Taking those interests into account, Fiakun’s members thought that, by focusing on each member’s abilities, it would be possible to find a prospective market in which to professionalize and deliver an effective quality product. Their ground idea is to communicate and express themselves through music, and also to use it to deliver a wide variety of products to enterprises related to it. We could also say that mutual help/helping each other, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity and quality are Fiakun’s fundamental pillars.

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C/ Beikoibarra 35, 2º - 8ª Dept.
48300 Gernika - Lumo, Bizkaia

[email protected]

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