Chain Reaction


Sublabel of Basic Channel. Founded in 1995.

Parent Label:Basic Channel ,


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  • super_nice_records's avatar
    Edited 3 years ago
    Does Christiano Ronaldo actually hold a copy of CR-07? Just joking!!! Christiano Ronaldo doesn't even know about Discogs and even less so does he know about any of such incredible electronic music outputs that can be found on Chain Reaction ...
    • thr33tim3's avatar
      I wish discogs would clean up all the duplicate ratings by the dub-techno fanboys who give every single version of every single release on this label (and others) FIVE STARS, FIVE STARS, FIVE STARS! :)
      Albums on this label that truly deserve five stars and are still amazing in 2018:
      Various Artists - Decay Product
      Fluxion - Vibrant Forms I & II
      Vladislav Delay - Multila
      Monolake - Hong Kong
      Shinichi Atobe Shipscope 12"
      and more... but c'mon, fanboys
      • arsebucket's avatar
        wonderful label named after the classic 80s Diana Ross track
        • TriHard's avatar
          Edited 8 years ago
          ∞ Chain Reaction ∞
          Some of the best dub techno I've ever heard sits in this 1 page catalog. As others have said.. Repress!!

          Subwax bcn is repressing some of fluxions vest material off vibrant forms.
          • pau_flo's avatar
            I'm also really hoping they start a chain reaction in repressing their stuff.. timeless music
            • alexander.teusch's avatar
              Really, just one little note about Chain Reaction here? Ok, well, it's only one of the most influential labels of the late 90's. Acts like Monolake, Vladislav Delay, and Fluxion are HUGE. Deep dark dub techno and scary distant ambient is ever so present and has never been mastered quite so well as on the releases from this label. A truly inspiring collection and I still listen to a lot of them every day. Artists like Monolake and Vladislav Delay are still able to capture the essence of the early days in the music they make today (and even have gotten way beyond) but this is where it all started. Right up there with the other 2 big names Basic Channel and Mille Plateaux.
              • ----'s avatar
                I hadn't heard of Monolake, Vladislav Delay, Vainqueur or any of the other artists above before hearing them here. Highlights for me are the artists just mentioned, and Shinichi Atobe, The Red Line, which is right up there with the best of Maurizio & other Basic Channel releases imho