20th Century Records


A subsidiary of 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation.

1958 - Started as 20th Fox.
1963 - Name changed to 20th Century Fox Records (Distributed by ABC Records between 1967-1970).
1970 - Label closed .(Parent company closed its New York City offices, from which the record division conducted its business, because of expensive operating costs, and began shifting all ancillary operations back to Los Angeles. Distribution arrangements with ABC Records were also canceled.)
1972 - Relaunched as 20th Century Records by Russ Regan.
1978 - Name reverted to 20th Century Fox Records (Distributed by RCA Records between 1979-1981).
1981 - Label ended; back catalogue sold to PolyGram (Casablanca Records).
1991 - Revived as two labels: 20th Century Fox Film Scores and Fox Records.
2009 - Soundtrack back catalogue purchased by Fox Music from Universal Music Group. The non-soundtrack catalog was retained by Universal.

For 20th Century Fox Records go to 20th Century Fox Records.

Parent Label:Fox Music
Sublabels:20th Century Tapes, GEC, Remember Series
Contact Info:

(Contact info now obsolete)
20th Century Records
8544 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles
California 90069

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