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Ici D'ailleurs is an independent French label located in Nancy and created by Stephane Gregoire from the dissolution of the associative label Sine Terra Firma.

Sine Terra Firma released the first both albums of Yann Tiersen ''La Valse des Monstres'' in 1995 and ''Rue des Cascades'' in 1996 and met an increasing success. The last compilation of the associative label in 1996 called ''Ici D'ailleurs'' became the current name of the independant label.

Ici D'ailleurs keeps an eclectic editorial line, and complies with no precise musical type. The Yann Tiersen's third album release ''Le phare'' in 1998 has allowed to the label to take off. Thanks to its success, the label's catalog opens itself up to the world by offering non recognized French or foreign artists or artists who are on the way and whose common points are the wealthy and the relevance of composition.

In 2002 was created 0101, an electronic subdivision which goal is to make the difference between artists who use a creative process mainly based on electonic.

Two years later, Ici D'ailleurs created a new collection OuMoPo (acronyme de Ouvroir de Musique Potentiel), a replica of the literary movement OuLiPo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentiel) created by surrealistics in the sixties.

Ici D'ailleurs refuses under duress the principle of art and asks to some artists to remaster a part of its catalog by respecting a preestablished charter. With the will to mix OuBaPo's (Ouvroir de Bande-dessinée potentiel) genres and fanatics, the label has asked to JC Menu (founding member and pillar of the association, in addition comic books publisher) to participate in the collection by dealing with the graphic part of the project. For each new opus the oupabiens created a 16 pages comic book, regulated by new constraints. Currently the collection includes 6 albums.

At the end of 2004, Stéphane Grégoire wanted to reinterpret the music of the group Coil and pay tribute to them at the same time. The project ''This Immortal Coil'' which regroups Yaël Naim, Bonnie Prince Billy, Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott, DAAU, Chapelier Fou, Sylvain Chauveau, Christine Ott, Oktopus, Nightwood, David Donatien and Nicolas Jorio is moving forwards. The album ''The dark age of love'' which includes 11 re-interpretations of the group Coil released in 2009.

Sublabels:0101, Ici d'ailleurs Publishing, Mind Travels Serie, More Over, OuMuPo
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3 Rue Fabert
54000 Nancy

Phone : + 33 383 28 82 41

Email: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Google , MySpace , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , Vimeo , YouTube


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