Jungle Mania Records

Jungle Mania Records

UK ragga jungle label from 1994 on, headed by Mark Ryder of Strictly Underground fame. Many releases were white labels only with minimal information, usually due to naughty sampling.
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November 19, 2020
Yea there is definitely at least one i know of missing on here. I had it, it got nicked at a party.
One side was a white label so i have no idea what it was called, and i wish i could remember how it sounded but i know there was a rare groove sample and an amen break. The flipside may have been a different mix. It was probably a better tune than all the rest here !


April 15, 2015
How about JM7 also....anyone know any info on that?


January 23, 2015
it's possible but at least the owner of 8 provided solid info and pictures, the other listings did nothing


January 22, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
JM 4 must exist as well as the 8 & 11 possible name Horn Track (with same samples from egyptian empire ?) JM11 i think is two mix Urban Jungle - Volcano Style (from Dub Plate Selection Volume 1 compilation).


April 6, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
one of my favourite Jungle-Labels!
wicked quality Tunes!
I love the Stuff of Strictly Underground & Jungle Mania - Records. :)
I can recommend only everybody this brilliant mix CD of DJ Mark Ryder, where he also plays all phatt Jungle-Tunes of both labels in his mixes.
Also of the MC irritates here zero.
This Mix-CD is really perfect & has a cool Live Feeling.
It was also published sometimes as a video what is to be seen with youtube in different parts.
However, the video is not so good - a lot of E-Kiddies, besides.
So click for listen but do not look.
this is your decision!


May 9, 2011
edited over 10 years ago
From andybale1976 Sep 10, 2010

Regarding the Jungle Mania records, a couple of years back I won an EBay auction for all of the JM releases from Mark Ryder himself. I spoke to him on the phone and arranged to pick up the records from his then house in Collier Row, Essex. Spent about an hour there talking about all things Jungle and thought I would take opportunity to ask about the missing JM's. He checked his data base and said it looked like that they were never pressed, however, just to make sure........we went to a shed in at the bottom of his (huge) garden and in the shed he had around 150 mint copies of EACH AND EVERY Jungle Mania release! and 4, 8 and 11 were not there. He told me everything that he had ever got pressed was in there so it was pretty safe to say they never came out.
The mad thing that day was that he was just about to sell up and move abroard and he was in the process (and I saw him in action!)of throwing away all of his 'stock' kept at his house, this included all the Jungle Mania records, Viscious Pumping Plastic records (he had about 50 copies of the Ecology EP!) all the STU compalations and singles (including about 100 copies of PUNKS!), all the original metal master pressing, every single one of them was going (and went) in the skip!
Some people may think he is mad but he was so comitted to the music he would rather they were destroyed than get into the hand of someone who would make some money out of them!
You will remember a little while back there was an influx of all the JM for sale? I think someone may have found the skip they were all hiding in!
By the way, Mark Ryder was probably one of the nicest guys I have met!! He defiently loves the music!!