Polish CD, DVD, vinyl and cassette manufacturer established in 1991, originally as a manufacturer of audio cassettes.

In 1997, TAKT opened a CD factory in Bolesław, and DVD pressing lines were added in 1998.
In 2010, TAKT entered a partnership with German Infodisc Technology to offer Blu-Ray manufacturing. Approximately in 2016 or 2017, the vinyl pressing line was added.
Additional presses are operated by their subsidiary Takt Direct.

TAKT originally produced cassettes until 2005, but announced revival of its production in 2020 (announced on company's Facebook profile on March 31, 2020).

PLEASE NOTE: Codes like 146/FV and 181/F found on cassettes manufactured by TAKT are not catalogue numbers but concession numbers. They should be entered in the Barcode and Other Identifiers section (under Other), not as a catalogue number for TAKT.

Identifying and crediting TAKT:
If the TAKT logo is mentioned in the matrix along with the URL or, please add both entries to the LCCN section in separate fields.

Discs manufactured by TAKT on behalf of broker companies may not directly credit TAKT in the matrix. When the 13-digit 2xxxxxxxxxxxx matrix number and mastering SID code IFPI LK96 - LK99 is present in a disc matrix, TAKT may be credited as follows:

Made By – [broker company named in matrix]
Glass Mastered At – TAKT – 2xxxxxxxxxxxx
Example: Nightwish - Dark Passion Play.

― Mastering SID codes include: IFPI LK96, LK97, LK98, LK99
(IFPI L357 may be present on older discs but this code may actually indicate the glass master was manufactured by an external plant)
― Mould SID codes include: IFPI 9R**, AEW**, UU***

Nadja (5) - Radiance Of Shadows
Svartrit - I
Zagrali I Poszli - Życie Jak Droga. Reedycja

About TAKT matrix numbers:
Old matrix had 6 digits, 123-456 or 123456, that could possibly mean month, year, number (MMY NNN).

Since 2003, TAKT assigns a 13-digit number, 2xxxxxxxxxxxx, to their glass masters. These numbers can be found in the CD matrix, often along with logos, URLs and release catalogue numbers, as well as SID codes. (E.g. matrices starting by 210000xxxxxx can NOT be prior to 2004). Please enter this into LCCN as:

Glass Mastered At – TAKT – 2xxxxxxxxxxxx
Example: Darzamat - Transkarpatia.

Vinyl matrix scheme, valid for TAKT, Takt Direct and Packaged Sounds
# - internal project number (from 6-9 digits)
X - side number (e.g. A, B, C, etc.)
Y - stamper number

Please note that master processing is done by workload at each plant, this means that a master could be cut at TAKT, Takt Direct or Packaged Sounds and processed at Packaged Sounds, Takt Direct or TAKT or (and vice versa): for this reason, the there is no way to distinguish where a record was really pressed. Galvanics are done at TAKT for all plants.

Please add "Mastered At - TAKT" for any release matching the above matrix scheme, until the "Plated At" role will become available.
Please only add "Pressed By - Takt Direct" when it is explicitly mentioned / known where it was pressed.

How to enter the matrix number in the LCCN fields:
• Please only enter the "########" part, without the side and stamper numbers.
• If a release shows two or more of these numbers (e.g., multi-format releases), please enter each matrix number in a separate field.

Parent Label:TAKT Sp. z o.o.
Sublabels:Takt Direct, Takt S.C.,,
Contact Info:

Sales office:
Takt Sp. z o.o.
ul. Cybernetyki 9, budynek IRIS
02-677 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 853 07 75
fax: +48 22 853 07 75
e-mail: [email protected]

Production facility:
Takt Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wyzwolenia 2
32-329 Bolesław

phone: +48 32 295 70 00
fax: +48 32 642 48 33
e-mail: [email protected] , Facebook


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