Rare80 Records dariuszx

December 1, 2017
Its because right owner does not want to give a licence,or the price is the wall !

Rare80 Records utnr73mr

November 2, 2017
Since the unofficial releases of the Rare80 label is still being sold in eBay in the U.S. and CD and LP in France, I'm thinking that there's not much meaning to ban on selling in Discogs. There are many versions (ex. Club Version, ○○○ Remix, Megamix etc.) that can be heard only by vinyl and very interesting label for me, but I think it's not a good news that it is on sale without permission of creators and composers.

Rare80 Records s1111

October 20, 2017
Yes.Really shame.Very good production.Nice compilations. Shame. Only bullshit allowed, but some rare items not.

Rare80 Records Genri

September 30, 2017
Rejoice, those who helped to block the Russian releases, now you will not be able to buy!!! Now they do not get it and not find you!!!

Rare80 Records as reviewed by scientifique_d_s_o

September 26, 2017
I still have some RARE80 releases for sale, contact me for details.

Rare80 Records diebucht78

February 15, 2016
Well, how fast can it go ;-) Good to see some new stuff!

Rare80 Records diebucht78

January 25, 2016
Great Label with some nice Compilations and Very Good Sound! Pity it seems nothing more to come :-(

Rare80 Records diebucht78

September 17, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Unfortunately yes, but there are always other possibilities.
I hope there will be more Releases in the Future.
They can lock Bootlegs on discogs or anywhere else, but they will never be able to stop it!

Rare80 Records utnr73mr

September 5, 2017
Unfortunately, all of CD sales (Rare80) at Discogs Marketplace were prohibited...