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Grapefruit Records is a subscription based record club founded by Simon Joyner and Ben Goldberg to release exclusive and limited, vinyl-only LPs by dedicated artists, both known and yet-to-be-known. The only qualification being that both Ben and Simon love the music. A Full-Subscription includes four quarterly released full-length LPs and a deluxe, hard-shell printed box to house the four records that make up that year's roster. Additionally, we offer the individual albums for sale but we encourage people to choose a full subscription because subscriptions spread the wealth and the fans between the better known and lesser known artists.

By selling subscriptions and individual albums directly to the public we avoid many of the expenses which make it difficult for traditional labels to make a profit. There are no promotional expenses, no distributor fees, and no returns. We only manufacture a single pressing of each release and base that pressing on the number of subscriptions we receive. We pay all the participating artists based on how many records are pressed so bands don't have to wait for their record to "break even" before they are compensated for their work. Additionally, the label's subscription-based distribution concept allows the established artists to share their audience with the lesser known artists featured on an annual roster. Grapefruit's mission is to expose fans to exclusive, challenging new music on vinyl while ensuring that the musicians actually get paid for creating their art. , Bandcamp


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