Nervous Records


New York City-based label founded in 1991 by Mike Weiss and his father Sam Weiss (2).
Mike had revived his father's Sam Records label in 1989 before he took Frankie Crocker's advice to start a label in his own identity.
The name came from WBLS radio DJ Chuck Chillout who nicknamed Mike 'Captain Nervous' due to his hyperactive, wiry energy while promoting hip hop records.
The famous logo was created by EMI/Chrysalis art director Marc Cozza who had designed a few covers for Sam Records.
The updated logo, unveiled in 2004, with the figure set against a brick wall, included graffiti writing by Blake Lethem.

Parent Label:Nervous, Inc.
Sublabels:Deep Soul, Disco Dolly Records, DJs Love Us, Made In Miami, Nervous Chill, Nervous Dog Records, Nervous New York, Nervous Old Skool, Nurvous Records, Sorted Records, ...
Contact Info:

Nervous Inc.
150 Broadway
Suite 1007
New York, NY 10038
Tel.: 212.227.0095
Fax.: 212.273.1148

Email: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Flickr , Instagram , Soundcloud , X , YouTube


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