HNH International Ltd.


HNH International Limited publishes classical music with brand names Naxos Classical, Naxos Historical, Naxos Jazz, Naxos Audiobooks, Naxos World, Marco Polo, and White Cloud. The company was originally founded in 1973 and is based in Cyberport, Hong Kong.

Name variations as found on this profile:
- HNH International Ltd.
- HNH International Ltd

Full legal entity name: HNH International Limited 西曼國際有限公司
HK company number: 0036687
Incorporated: 21 December 1973 as 'Pacific Mail Order System (Far East) Limited
First name change: 23 November 1979 to 'Pacific Operations Limited'
Second name change: 9 May 1989 - this page
Addition of Chinese text to legal name: 9 September 1993
Status: Active

Parent Label:Naxos Music Group
Sublabels:Coloured Classic, Donau, HNH International, Lydian
Contact Info:

Level 11
Cyberport 1
100 Cyberport Road
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2951 9557
Email: [email protected]


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