Infidelity (2)

Infidelity (2)

Infidelity was one of the No Wave and experimental music labels owned by the New York-based publishing company Lust/Unlust Music which was founded by producer Charles Ball and his girlfriend. The address gave the impression of a letterbox company:

P.O. Box 3208
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10017

Charles Ball: "...there never was a Lust/Unlust Records..."
(from Revega Yahoo Group)

"Coming from a film and structuralist perspective, (Ball) was very familiar with Roland Barthes and all that kind of thing. Ball: 'The name Lust/Unlust came from this sort of reading, mostly likely a Lacan text.' (...) Ball had left to start his own production company, which is really what Lust/Unlust was, more than a label as such. Ultimately he let the artists choose the names for their labels so it looked like he had a whole stable of different record labels to his credit.

The first Lust/Unlust release was a Teenage Jesus & the Jerks single; Lydia Lunch called her sub-label Migraine. (While Robin Lee Crutchfield obviously chose Strike (it from the) Records ) (...) But (Lust/Unlust) was ultimately stymied financially by the lack of really strong local support for No Wave.

Ball appears to have been a gifted producer, like Martin Hannett, exploring the potential of the first generation of digital reverbs. Ball: 'It allowed you to do things that you could do before like flanging but go much further with it - you could actually designate a room where the reflections would suddenly become being harmonized - a pitch up above what the original was. When I tried to do a mix I tried to make sure something was changing throughout.' On (the) Mars EP, he used binaural recording, mixed to simulate the spacing of your ears. 'I also added on digital delays and reverbs so there was both the exposed physical space if you were to listen on headphones which sounds uncanily like someone’s behind you or placed somewhere in space, and then all these artificial space and unreal space added by the digital delay. Some of the guitar solos I have on that record are just really extraordinary, it would start like it seemed like you were seeing the amplifier and then suddenly you were in some kind of room or chamber that's psychological.'"
(from Simon Reynolds - Rip It Up and Start Again, p.52: The Footnotes)

Charles Ball's skillful experimental approach to sound is also reflected in the terminology to be spotted on the label stickers of every Infidelity release which denote the productions having been:

*Digitized *Randomized *Harmonized *Magnetized

Additionally, each Infidelity release has a special sound characterization which reads different for every production and is printed on the labels as well, e.g.:

Martin Rev (JMB-228): Stereo Experience
Dark Day - Exterminating Angel (JMB-229): Enigmatic Stereo
impLOG - Holland Tunnel Dive (JMB-231): Disquieting Stereo
Mars - EP (JMB-232): Biphonic
Jody Harris / Robert Quine - Escape (JMB-236): Stereochain
Jeff & Jane Hudson - World Trade (JMB-243): Cryptogenic Stereo
Jill Kroesen 7" (JMB-747): Stereo Separation

Probably this was a tongue-in-cheek reference to descriptions of novel, "revolutionary" recording techniques from 50es music labels that have been invented in the course of the vinyl sound/stereo universe expanding back then (like "Living Stereo", "New Orthophonic", "Superlaphonic Hifi", "Vitaphonic", "Telesonic Sound", "Micro Cosmic Sound", "Transistorized Stereophonic Sound", "Full Frequency", "Full Spectrum", or simply "True High Fidelity", and even "Ultra High Fidelity").


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
JMB-148 Jane & Jeff Hudson* No Clubs (Single) JMB-148 US 1981 Sell This Version
JMB-227 Love Of Life Orchestra Extended Niceties(12") Infidelity (2), Infidelity (2) JMB-227 US 1980 Sell This Version
JMB-228 Martin Rev Martin Rev(LP, Album) Infidelity (2) JMB-228 US 1980 Sell This Version
JMB-229 R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day* Exterminating Angel(LP, Album) Infidelity (2) JMB-229 US 1980 Sell This Version
JMB-231 impLOG Holland Tunnel Dive(12", EP) Infidelity (2) JMB-231 US 1980 Sell This Version
JMB-232 Mars (4) EP(12", EP) Infidelity (2) JMB-232 US 1980 Sell This Version
JMB-233 Love Of Life Orchestra Geneva(LP) Infidelity (2) JMB-233 US 1980 Sell This Version
JMB-236 Jody Harris / Robert Quine Jody Harris / Robert Quine - Escape (Album) JMB-236 US 1981 Sell This Version
JMB-237 Z'EV Salts Of Heavy Metals(12", EP) Infidelity (2) JMB-237 US 1981 Sell This Version
JMB-238 Dark Day Trapped(12") Infidelity (2) JMB-238 US 1981 Sell This Version
JMB-240 The Individuals (9) Aquamarine E.P.(12", EP) Infidelity (2) JMB-240 US 1981 Sell This Version
JMB-243 Jeff & Jane Hudson* World Trade(12") Infidelity (2) JMB-243 US 1981 Sell This Version
JMB-747 Jill Kroesen I Really Want To Bomb You JMB-747 US 1980 Sell This Version